Axie Infinity Breeding Axies Guide

Axie Infinity Breeding

Last Updated on 23 June, 2022

Axie Infinity Breeding Axies Guide – Complete guide with all the requirements and outputs of the Axies breeding process

Learn how to breed two axies to create a new offspring Axie:

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Axie Infinity Breeding Axies – Restrictions

Not all axies can breed, and not all axies can form a breeding pair, these are the restrictions

  1. Breed count: Axies can only breed up to 7 times, so a Virgin Axie (breed count = 0/7) are the most valuable. Also take in mind that the higher the breed count, the more SLP required
  2. Family: Parents can’t breed with their offspring and sibling axies can’t breed together

Axie Infinity Breeding Axies – Costs

Breeding two Axies will cost x1 AXS token and some SLP – Smooth Love Potions, depending on their breed count:

  • 1/7 Breed Count = 600 SLP
  • 2/7 Breed Count = 900 SLP
  • 3/7 Breed Count = 1500 SLP
  • 4/7 Breed Count = 2400 SLP
  • 5/7 Breed Count = 3900 SLP
  • 6/7 Breed Count = 6300 SLP
  • 7/7 Breed Count = 10200 SLP

Now you understand why virgin Axies are more valuable, or those with a low breed count.

Axie Infinity Breeding Axies – Steps to Breed

If you understand the restrictions and the costs, the breeding process is very simple

  1. Inventory > Choose the first Axie
  2. Click on Breed
  3. Choose the Second Axie
  4. If you have enough SLP, and both Axies can mate (restrictions) click on Start Breeding
  5. Check the new egg in your inventory
  6. Wait x5 days
  7. Morph the egg to become an adult Axie (it’s totally free)

Axie Infinity Breeding Axies – Genes & Mutations

The result of the breeding will always have something random, but there is some genetics and therefore something predictable


Each Axie has x6 body parts, and each body part has x3 genes:

  • D = Dominant: 37,5% chance to pass to offspring
  • R1 = Recessive: 9,375 chance to pass to offspring
  • R2 = Minor recessive: 3,125% chance to pass to offspring


A mutation will occur, if a body part does not match those of its parents, and there is 66.66% that there is at least one mutation. And this is because although the dominant genes never mutate, the 12 (6 + 6) R1 and R2 genes have a 10% chance each of them to mutate:

In short, these are the chances that an offspring axie will have 0 to 6 mutations:

  • 0: 28,24%
  • 1: 37,66%
  • 2: 23,01%
  • 3: 8,523%
  • 4: 2,131%
  • 6: 0,049%

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