Axie Infinity How to Earn Money?

Axie Infinity How to Earn Money

Last Updated on 23 June, 2022

Axie Infinity How to Earn Money? All the secrets, tips and guides you need to earn real money in this play-to-earn without investing real money

Axie Infinity How to Earn Money – Play to Earn

Yes, you can earn real money by playing the game, Axie Infinity is 100% Play to Earn

Like many other games it has its own currency, SLP, the difference is that you can convert that currency into other cryptocurrencies, or into real money. In addition, SLP are listed and all crypto games aspire for their tokens to revalue as the game gains popularity.

So this guide is divided into two main sections, how to get SLP (the currency of the game) and how to transform the in-game currency into money

Axie Infinity How to Earn Money – SLP Farming

There may be more methods to farm SLP later, but we will summarize the current ones

Smooth Love Potions Farming

  • Daily Quest: Complete the x3 daily quests for 25 SLP
  • Adventure Mode: Up to 50 SLP daily
  • Arena PvP: >300 SLP if you increase your Max Energy

Check the Smooth Love Potions Guide for detailed info of each activity & max energy

Breeding Axies

Although the prices of Axies are usually in other cryptocurrencies, currently in ETH, for the breeding process you will need SLP, both to breed and to buy axies for breeding. We recommend that you visit the breeding guide and the Mystic Axies guide, to understand how many slp you are going to need, and what you have to do to transform them into money


If you have excess axies, you can turn to scholarships. It is as if you rent the axies that you do not use to a trusted third party (scholar) and they give you part of the benefits (SLP) that that Axie that you have loaned them has produced.

That is why the breeding process is so interesting, since once you get good axies, and they have enough, you can lend them, and your income will not be limited to the battle team (of only 3)


This feature is one of the newest in the game, and much remains to be developed. But keep in mind that lands produce tokens by engaging in PvE battles and boss fights. And that like the axies, you can trade the lands too

Also check the Global Tier List (all body classes) Here

Or other body class Tier List: Beast, Bug, Aqua, Reptile, Plant, Bird

Also check the SLP Farming guide, Breeding guide, Last Stand, Mystic Axies, Scholarship Application

Axie Infinity How to Earn Money – Trading SLP

Claim your SLP

Login to your account in the Axie dashboard, make sure your Ronin wallet is connected, and claim your SLP

Currently, you can only claim your SLP every 14 days. But you can check how many locked SLP are claimable and when you’ll be able to claim them

How to Sell SLP

  • Sell your SLP on an exchange that supports direct withdrawals from the Ronin wallet, such as Binance.
  • Transfer SLP to Ethereum, and sell on a decentralised exchange or AMM.
  • Convert your SLP to another token or stablecoin, which can then be traded on an exchange
  • Use a P2P marketplace. This is a useful way of trading SLP for your local currency, in case it is not supported on the spot market

Axie Infinity How to Earn Money – How much you can earn?

Check this site for the current SLP price in usd

Only with the most direct methods (daily, adventure & Arena) you can earn between 75 and 500 SLP per day, which means between $ 5 and $ 40 per day according to the price of the SLP at the date of writing this guide

But in the first place, the SLP has reached above $ 0.30 this year several times, that would have been between $ 22 and $ 150 dollars a day. And to think that it can reach prices even higher than 0.30 usd is not at all unreasonable

And secondly those figures are only with the direct methods. There are Axies that sell for millions of dollars, and the same will surely begin to happen with the lands¡

So if you want to make money with the game, it is more than doable. But it requires you to take it seriously and get a working SLP farming system that can be sustained over time.

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