Axie Infinity Mystic Axies Guide

Axie Infinity Mystic Axies

Last Updated on 23 June, 2022

Axie Infinity Mystic Axies Guide – What are mystics, why are they so valuable, their chances, how to get one and how much they cost

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Axie Infinity Mystic Axies – Intro

Mystic Axies are rare Axies with special Mystic Parts that can only be possessed by Origin Axies.

Origin Axies are the 4088 original Axies, they have no parents and they were sold during the pre sale in 2018. But only the 30% of the Origin Axies have mystic parts. So, there are only 1226 Axies with mystic parts in the entire game.

So Mystic Axies are really rare, and as the developers have said, not only will they be a collector’s item, but they will also have special powers that will give them advantages over other axies.

Axie Infinity Mystic Axies – Spawning Chances

These are the probabilities of spawning a Mystic Axie using Origin Axies, and the current number of Mystics:

  • Single Mystic — 25% – 1141 single mystics
  • Double Mystic — 3.68% – 213 double mystics
  • Triple Mystic — 0.28% – 19 triple mystics
  • Quad Mystic — 0.0127% – 3 quad mystics
  • Penta Mystic — 0.000299% – 0 penta mystics
  • Hexa Mystic — 0.0000000294% – 0 hexa mystics


If you do not have an origin axie you cannot breed a mystic axie. There are only two ways to get a mystic axie, buying it, or breeding if you have origin axies

Axie Infinity Mystic Axies – Buy

These are the steps to buy a Mystic Axie:

  • Go to the Axie Infinity market Place
  • Mark the number of mystic parts in the search sidebar
  • Buy the mystic axie

How much a Mystic Axie Cost?

It depends on the number of mystic parts, but they are very expensive. The cheapest you can find as of the date of this guide costs 3.5 ETH, or what is the same, more than 12k dollars, and of course it only has one mystic part. The best Mystic Axie in the game has four mystic parts, and it costs 5K ETH, or what is the same, more than 17 million dollars

Of course the prices fluctuate. And the good news is that although the mystic quad has been holding its price for a long time, the single mystic were worth 35 ETH a couple of months ago, and that’s 9 times more than right now. So prices for Mystics may be more reasonable shortly. Although there is a fact, and it is that you will not create more

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