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Axie Infinity Scholarship Application

Last Updated on 23 June, 2022

Axie Infinity Scholarship Application Guide – How to become a scholar, where to look for scholarships And tips for you to be successful in your application

Axie Infinity Scholarship Application – What is a Scholarship?

Scholarships consist of a player (Manager / Veteran) who has excess Axies lending them to a novice player (Scholar / Rookie). The veteran makes the idle axies profitable, while the novice accesses the game totally free and begins to win his first SLP

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Axie Infinity Scholarship Application – What is a Scholar?

The scholar is the one who receives a free team of axies in exchange for part of their SLP earnings

  • Manager / Veteran: he/she can only use three axies in combat, if he/she has more, they are an idle resource. Unless he/she lend them to someone who can use them
  • Scholar / Rookie: Axies can be expensive for those who start, so it is a way to get them for free in exchange for spreading the profits. It is also the best way to learn, since the veteran is the most interested in making his/her axies profitable.

Earnings Agreement: These agreements are not official, they are made outside of the game. The normal thing is that they are not charged for the axies, but for a percentage of the SLP they get. The win deals depend on many things, but the normal thing is that they are 50%, or if the team is very good 70% for the Verteran and 30% for the rookie

Axie Infinity Scholarship Application – Where to Look for Scholarships?

Discord Scholarship

It is the most popular method, but not the best, in the first place because sometimes it happens like now, that the Discord server is full. in any case this is the link to the discord server:

Facebook Scholarship

In our opinion, it is the best method, since there are countless groups, from all languages ​​and from all countries:

Of course you can search for managers on twitter, reddit, or also on youtube. But discord and above all facebook are the best methods

Axie Infinity Scholarship Application – Tips on Applying

As you will see there are thousands of people begging for scholarship. And it is not easy for the manager to decide, since he knows almost no applicants at all. So we recommend that you:

1- Build Trust: Try to communicate from a place where you can be perfectly identified. A facebook with photos and a real life, and also an email giving references (linkedin for example) … try not to look like just any troll

2- Master the game: Anyone would rather someone who knows how to play than someone who doesn’t. But you don’t have to play a lot, on YouTube you have everything you need

3- Be Valuable: Can you contribute something to the manager or his guild? Graphic Design? Webistes? Blogging? Social media? Make him not be able to resist that you are his next scholar

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