Axie Infinity Last Stand Guide

Axie Infinity Last Stand

Last Updated on 23 June, 2022

Axie Infinity Last Stand Guide – The formula to enter LS, Tips to improve your chances, and also to prevent your enemy to enter LS

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Axie Infinity Last Stand – Intro

When an Axie’s HP drops to zero, they have a chance to enter Last Stand.

During Last Stand, he will be able to perform various movements, usually with increased damage, before finally dying.

You will know that he has succeeded because an aura of flames will surround him. You will also see three red bars, which indicate how much is left for the effect to end

Axie Infinity Last Stand – Formula

If Morale modifier > Excess Damage the axie will enter Last Stand

  • Excess Damage = Damage of fatal attack – Axie’s remaining HP
  • Morale Modifier = (Axie’s remaining HP * Morale) / 100

Example: Your Axie > 50 Morale & 120 remaining HP | Attacker fatal attack damage > 150

  • Excess Damage = 150 – 120 = 30
  • Morale Modifier = (120 * 50) / 100 = 60

Morale modifier (60) > Excess Damage (30), so your axie will enter last stand

So the two variables that you have to take into account, both for your axie to enter the last stand, and for your opponent not to, are HP and Morale.

Axie Infinity Last Stand – Tips

Various tips whether you want to achieve it (in attack) or avoid it (in defense)

If you want to enter LS

Of course, try to have cards with high HP, but it is more important to focus on the morale:

  • Purer Axies have better morale, because their body parts give +3 Morale
  • Bug and Beast Axies have better base morale
  • Check the best cards of the game for morale boosts and HP boosts (Link at the beginning of this guide)

If you want to prevent an enemy LS

  • Try to lower your enemy’s HP before landing the fatal attack
  • Order your cards to increase the damage of the fatal attack
  • Check the best cards of the game for morale debuffs (Link at the beginning of this guide)
  • Check the effects related to LS (next section) as there are cards with which you can neutralize it

Axie Infinity Last Stand – Card Effects

These are all card effects that are related to LS

  • Hero’s Bane: End target’s Last Stand
  • Star Shuriken: Target cannot enter Last Stand if this card brings its HP to zero
  • Scale Dart: Draw a card if target is in Last Stand
  • Revenge Arrow: Deal 150% damage if this Axie is in Last Stand
  • Nitro Leap: Always strike first if this Axie is in last Stand
  • Rampant Howl: Apply Morale+ to your team for 2 rounds if this Axie attacks while in Last Stand
  • Puffy Smack: Skip targets that are in Last Stand
  • Grub Explode: Deal 200% damage when attacking in Last Stand. Axie’s Last Stand ends after it attacks

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