Dicey Dungeons Unlock Characters Guide – Bear, Jester…

Dicey Dungeons Unlock Characters

Last Updated on 22 August, 2023

Dicey Dungeons Unlock Characters Guide – Unlock them all: Warrior, Thief, Robot, Inventor, Witch, Bear and Jester

Dicey Dungeons Unlock Characters Guide

There are 7 characters or classes to unlock, but there is really only one that requires some explanation:

  • Warrior: Starting Character
  • Thief, Robot, Inventor and Witch: Progress until you unlock them, they are achieved automatically by advancing through the story
  • Jester: Beat all the bonus rounds, including the one for Jester, and Beat Jester as a final boss in the bonus round
  • Bear: play as the Thief against the Alchemist for a chance to use the Bear Potion

If you got here, it is because you surely want to unlock Jester, so we leave you additional information with images below

Updated: You may have also come here for the Bear, whether you don’t know how to get it, or you’ve gotten it and don’t know how (which is quite common), so we’ve included a section to unlock the bear as well.

Jester Unlock

We leave you a DarkSageWalker video guide. In case it can help you in the fight, and for you to see that the most difficult character to unlock in the game, it does not require even three minutes

The Jester is the sixth competitor to enter the dungeon, who was previously Lady Luck’s assistant and a potential enemy/boss for the other competitors. They are an orange die who wears a jester hat and pointy shoes, both with small yellow bells at their tips.

Bear Unlock

We leave you a Retromation video guide. You may also be able to use Jester instead of Thief, but here’s proof that it’s not that hard to get, some people even get it by accident

The Bear is unable to use normal equipment; they will receive only Bear-specific equipment from chests. Additionally, they cannot buy anything at shops.

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