Ember Knights Unlock All Colors Guide

Ember Knights Unlock All Colors

Last Updated on 22 August, 2023

Ember Knights Unlock All Colors Guide – blue, orange, purple, green, yellow, frosted, pink, electric, elder, seasonal, nebbula, midnight, daybreak and hellfire

Ember Knights Unlock All Colors Guide – Default Colors

The standard colors of blue, orange, purple, and green are accessible right away. You are, however, forced to utilize the color that corresponds to your position in the player order until the ember pit is unlocked.

When you initially unlock one of the other player colors, you will also unlock the ember pit.

Ember Knights Unlock All Colors Guide – Unlockable Colors

These are all the colors you can unlock:

  • Yellow: Locate a waterfall in a room in Scoggfirth that has an odd mark on it. A blast bomb can be used to blow this waterfall open, exposing a secret grotto. To access the color, enter the cave.
  • Frosted: Look for a room in the Steadfast Citadel with an ice wall that has the same strange marking as the waterfall in Scoggfirth. Melt the ice using the Ember Fire talent to expose a secret area. To unlock the color, enter this room.
  • Pink: Locate a tomb in Wightsbury that has a mark on its doors that is all-too-familiar. Light the torches adjacent to the mausoleum’s entrance with a Warrior Wisp (however it is summoned). The doors will open as a result, allowing you to enter and unlock the color.
  • Electric: Find the identical marking on the door that was used to identify the location of other secret player colors in Anville. The room contains two Tesla coils. The best way to activate the tesla coils and unlock the door is by striking them with lightning (the Judgement skill is ideal for this). The color can then be unlocked by going into the secret room.
  • Elder: Just attack Esper a few times
  • Seasonal: There will be a hidden snowman in the room where the care package spawns at the end of the Steadfast Citadel. To reveal the color, attack the snowman.
  • Nebbula: defeat Praxis in Netherra for the first time
  • Midnight & Daybreak: complete the game on doom difficulty and getting the true ending
  • Hellfire: Defeat Praxis in Netherra in endless mod

About the game

Play as Ember Knights in this frantic action rogue-lite game, the final glimmer of light in a universe in disarray. The Ember Tree’s life was sucked out by Praxis, the insane sorcerer, who then fled through the four Prime Worlds, corrupting everything in his path.

Use strong weapons and skills to hack and slash terrible hordes, take down legendary enemies, release the rotting Prime Worlds, and revive the Ember Tree in solo or co-op (up to 4 players).

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