How to Unlock All Emojis in Call of Dragons

Unlock All Emojis in Call of Dragons

Last Updated on 22 August, 2023

How to Unlock All Emojis in Call of Dragons – Some tips to unlock all the emojis of all the heroes in the game

There are currently 66 Emojis, but more will be incorporated in the next updates, so we are going to explain how to get them. New heroes are expected in the second season, and with them, new emojis

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How to Unlock All Emojis in Call of Dragons

As soon as you unlock a hero, you also unlock one of his/her emojis. Normally the heroes have several unlockable emojis, and to get them you have to increase hero’s trust level. You can increase each hero trust level by talking to them, giving them gifts, or by completing daily tasks

So as you can see the emojis can be farmed. You just have to check if you are missing any emoji of a specific hero, and invest some time in maximizing their trust level

In case you don’t know how to review it, you must click on your avatar (top left in the main menu), then on Settings, and finally on Emojis. In that menu that you just accessed, you can configure the emojis that you want to use, and you will see which ones are unlocked and which ones are not.

About the game

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