How to unlock Slimine Pro Optic in MW2

unlock Slimine Pro Optic in MW2

Last Updated on 22 August, 2023

How to unlock Slimine Pro Optic in MW2 – Why it is not available, how to play with it even if it is not available, and the best alternatives in Modern Warfare 2

How to unlock Slimine Pro Optic in MW2?

At the time of writing, the Slimline Pro Optic in Modern Warfare 2 is not available or unlockable. The reason is yet unknown, and neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have verified that it is due to a problem.

Even if you choose it from the Custom Loadouts area, there is no description of how to unlock it. Furthermore, even if you achieve LVL 20, the M4’s maximum level. The same goes with its branching weaponry. You will be unable to access the Slimline Pro Optic.

Although the truth is that there is a way to use the Slimline Pro Optic, through Private Multiplayer matches

Try it in Private Multiplayer matches in Modern Warfare 2

In Private Multiplayer matches all attachments are unlocked, and the Slimine Pro Optic is no exception, despite not being available in public matches. So we show you how to set up a private game in case you don’t know how to do it:

  1. Open MW2
  2. Select Multiplayer > Private Match.
  3. Create or join a Private Match.
  4. Select the game mode.
  5. Head to the Weapons > Loadouts tab and equip the M4 assault rifle.
  6. Under the Optics attachment, you can select the Slimline Pro Optic.

We assume that it is a bug in the game, which will be fixed shortly. Specifically, if we had to bet, we would say that in the update of November 16, 2022, on the occasion of the Season 1 launch, you will already be able to enjoy the Slimine Pro Optic, and not only in private games

Best Slimine Pro Optic Alternatives in MW2

Very probably the solution of the private games will not work for you, since you want to kick unknown asses, so we leave you some alternatives that should work quite well for you, while this “problem” with Mw2 is solved:

  • Cronen Mini Red Dot for close-range: FSS Hurricane Level 2
  • Forge Tac Delta 4 for mid and long-range: 556 Icarus Level 9

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