WorldBox Unlock All Traits Guide

WorldBox Unlock All Traits

Last Updated on 22 August, 2023

WorldBox Unlock All Traits Guide – all traits with unlock requirements, and how to get them – Exclusive creatures, achievements…

Any creature has traits that make them who they are. When a creature is created, it has a possibility of acquiring a certain trait by chance. It can also be explicitly granted by the player using the trait editor, the user, or the creature itself. Additionally, traits can change a creature’s attributes and/or look.

WorldBox Unlock All Traits – Creatures

These traits belong to the creatures that we detail below, they are exclusive to said creatures:

  • Strong trait – Bear
  • Evil trait – Evil Mage, Necromancer, Demons, and Fire Skulls
  • Peaceful trait – Any animal that doesn’t attack, including kids
  • Zombie trait – Zombies
  • Immortal trait – Zombies, Skeletons, Mages, Greg, etc.
  • Immune trait – Eggs and Plague Doctor
  • Strong Minded trait – Eggs and Dragons
  • Cold Aura trait – Snowman and Cold Ones
  • Weightless trait – Elves, Bugs, and anything that’s really tiny
  • Healing Aura trait – Fairies
  • Energized trait – Fairies
  • Miner trait – Dwarves
  • Regeneration trait – Orcs, Aliens, & Living Plants
  • Savage trait – Orcs
  • Boat trait – Boats
  • Flesh Eater trait – Candy Bear and Candy Man
  • Shiny trait – Crystal Golem and Crystal Sword
  • Attractive trait – Lemon Man and Lemon Boi
  • Paranoid trait – Lemon Man and Lemon Boi
  • Poison Immunity trait – Snakes, Lemon Man, and Lemon Boi
  • Bomber Man trait – Bandits
  • Burning Feet trait – Demons
  • Fire Blood trait – Demons and Fire Skulls
  • Fire Proof trait – Demons and Fire Skulls
  • Venomous trait – Snakes
  • Fat trait – Aliens, Slime, Snowman
  • Acid Blood trait – Aliens and Slime
  • Poisonous trait – Frog
  • Acid Proof trait – Aliens and Slime
  • Acid Touch trait – Slime
  • Rat trait – Rat
  • Rat King trait – Rat King
  • Flower printtrait – Fairies

New 0.14.0 Update Traits

They are also exclusive to certain creatures, new since update 0.14

  • Flesh Eater trait – Restores health when attackingtrait – Candy Bear and Candy Man
  • Shiny trait – Makes shiny trait – Crystal Golem and Crystal Sword

WorldBox Unlock All Traits – Achievements

These traits belong to the creatures that we detail below, they are exclusive to said creatures:

  • Death Nuke trait – Huge explosion upon death: to unlock > drop a nuke on grey goo
  • Death bomb trait – Small explosion upon death: to unlock > drop 1000 bombs
  • Make of Death trait – Kills the afflicted victim: to unlock >find 70 traits
  • Divine Scar trait – +69 health, Prevents target for being eligible for the King of Kings: to unlock > use the Trait Editor on a unit

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