Shadows Over Loathing Unlock Companions Guide

Shadows Over Loathing Unlock Companions

Last Updated on 22 August, 2023

Shadows Over Loathing Unlock Companions Guide – A guide to unlock the 12 companions available (permanent, temporary and Admissions Office companions)

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Shadows Over Loathing Unlock Companions – All Unlockables

You can unlock these companions whenever you want, we indicate how

  • Gabby – unlocked by default.
  • Obie the Oboe Hobo – befriend him in Goldthwait Park, Ocean City.
  • Molly Buttons – Help the mob and talk to her at day 2
  • Alphonse Gator – Find him in wander at The Big Moist event, requires to consume shadow at least once.

SIT – Admissions Office – Choice

You can get only one of these companions depending on your choice in SIT

  • Professor Adams – Chemicals Major
  • Barker – Botany Major: Don’t fight him, try to calm him down.
  • Simone – Robotechtronics Major: C complete the extra credits in this major
    • Clarence: Summon him once you have Simone as an active companion

Temporary Companions

Fulfill the requirements to unlock these companions, albeit for a limited time

  • Random Hobos – Recruited at least 3 hobo & don’t reach Shadow Taint level 3 onwards
  • Don’s Hired Guns – Clear all Don’s request
  • Robots – aid Rufus in his request at least once (more chances in S.I.T map)
  • Shadows – Get the perk Collusion of Shadow from Librum Umbra Malum Ovilla

About Companions

An NPC buddy is someone who can go with you and battle with you when you come up against enemies. Usually, before they can turn into a possible partner, you have to finish a mission for them or involve them.

Once a specific level of XP has been attained for them, each companion has a companion vignette, a brief portion where you direct your companion on an assignment. Each travel companion also has their own dialogue and produces some unique outcomes. There can only be one companion with you at once. You can switch between various partners you’ve acquired, who will be waiting for you at The Purple Door, unlike the Pardner in West of Loathing.

Welcome to Shadows Over Loathing, the sequel to the bestselling West of Loathing and a dark side to a world that is already black and white. It features mobsters, monsters, and mysteries.

At his antique store in Ocean City, your Uncle Murray has asked you to help, but when you get there, the elderly guy is nowhere to be found. When you come find some shady schemes (and a lot of wriggling eldritch tentacles) that pose a threat to the end of the world, your inquiry into his disappearance and the items he’s been gathering takes a turn.

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