How To Climb Walls In Forspoken?

how to climb walls in forspoken

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

How To Climb Walls In Forspoken – Examine the controls to easily climb walls, monuments, and ledges in Forspoken.

In Forspoken, you’ll take on the role of Frey, who is drawn through a portal and ends up in Athia. She is also bonded to a talking cuff, which grants her various magical abilities. Her abilities come with a plethora of spells that allow her to perform Parkour skills. Rush, Leap, Flow, Shimmy, Glide, Zip, Float, Soar, and Scale are some examples. These abilities will allow you to not only grapple but also climb. If you’ve already started playing the game but aren’t sure how to use the controls, we’re here to help. In this guide, we will show you how to easily Climb in Forspoken.

How To Climb Walls In Forspoken

Here’s a simple guide to climbing in Forspoken. All of the parkour methods that you can use to scale walls and ledges in the game are listed below. So without further ado, let’s get started.


To use Soar, aim at the wall while in mid-air and then press L + O. This ability enables the player to climb even higher by performing multiple leaps in rapid succession. It’ll be useful when you’re running out of time and need some extra vertical height jumps.


To use Zip, players must aim at the grappling point and press the Square button to ascend. The game includes a variety of grappling structures such as wall cubes, spikes, poles, and more. To climb mountains and ledges, simply interact with the button and grapple.

Before you try out the skills, be aware that actions like running, jumping, and climbing will reduce your stamina. For those who are unaware, your screen’s bottom left corner contains five diamond-shaped bars that represent your stamina.

That’s it for the controls for using parkour skills to easily climb in Forspoken. If you want to keep up to date with the best guides for this game, visit any of the links below.

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