MHR Sunbreak Hoplite Armor – How To Obtain It

mhr sunbreak hoplite armor

Last Updated on 24 January, 2023

MHR Sunbreak Hoplite Armor – For information on obtaining Arlow’s Heavy Knight Hoplite Armor in Monster Hunter Rise, see our guide.

Things are looking quite prepared for the players as Monster Hunter Rise’s current expansion, Sunbreak, is now available. This addition has added a number of new gameplay elements, crafting materials, resources, and gear to the game. One of the new armors included in Arlow’s Heavy Knight Set is the Hoplite Armor. However, you must finish a number of missions and some conditions in order to obtain it. We’ve got tips on how to get the Hoplite Armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, so don’t worry.

MHR Sunbreak Hoplite Armor – How To Get It

As previously noted, there are a few prerequisites and quests you must finish in order to obtain the Heavy Knight Hoplite Armor.

To obtain this armor, follow these steps:

  1. – You must complete an urgent quest from Master Rank 3 to keep yourself busy.
  2. – You must also be on Master Rank 3 for this. Aurora Somnacanth, you must track down the leviathan.
  3. – You will trigger and unlock several NPC requests after completing this quest. This includes the Follower quests for Fiorayne and Arlow.
  4. – Arlow’s four Follower quests must be completed in order to obtain the Armor.
  5. – The Enshrined Resentment, which involves hunting a Magnamalo in the Shrine Ruins, is the first Follower request you will receive.
  6. – After you’ve tracked him down, go to Master Arlow and interact with him.
  7. – As a reward, he will give you the blueprints for the Royal Order’s Bludgeon hammer.
  8. – You must now reach Master Rank 4 in order to begin the next follower quest. You can do so by completing the main quests and progressing the story. When you reach Master Rank 4, you will be able to access the second Follower quest.
  9. – To finish this, you must hunt down Sergios, a large monster with a high threat level. You may have encountered this monster on previous quests.
  10. – After completing this quest, return to Arlow and interact with him once more.
  11. – He will give you the blueprints for the Royal Gunlance, Royal Order’s Pledge this time.
  12. – In addition, for the third quest, Moonlight Espinascapade, you must find the Espinas, a large monster.
  13. – After defeating the Espinas, Arlow can join you as a partner for the Support Surveys.
  14. – Then, as you interact with him, you will receive Unknown Invader, his next urgent hunting quest.
  15. – To complete this follower quest, you must find the G*re (rhymes with snore) Magala.
  16. – After completing this quest, speak with Arlow to obtain the Heavy Knight Hoplite Armor.

If you are unable to complete Arlow’s final Follower quest, we suggest completing Fiorayne’s quests as well.

All information regarding the Hoplite armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has been provided. Check out our other MHR: Sunbreak guides if you liked this one.

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