New data from PokeMiners – July Pokemon Go

New data from PokeMiners - July Pokemon Go

Last Updated on 13 July, 2022

New data from PokeMiners – July Pokemon Go. Thanks to PokeMiners, we have all the information available within the game data.

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Stay tuned to our pokemon events calendar so you can´t miss anything about Pokemon!

New data from PokeMiners

Found in game code according to Datamine:

  • Added Shadow Strike, Giratina’s signature move.
  • New filters: Hisui, Attack IV, Defense IV, Health IV. IV filters are not active or a way to use them has not been found yet.
  • New item: Adventure Journal Incense. This incense has already been seen in previous datamines. It looks like it will show you how many Pokémon have been caught with it, the distance walked, it can be activated once a day from the map, and it will have a final summary.
  • Route marker code update.
  • New notification settings (image). You can customize what kind of ingame or mobile push notifications arrive.

Changes in raids (they are not active):

  • New button to join raids in person.
  • Widget to select raid difficulty.
  • New tutorial for remote raids separate from normal raids.
  • Soon there will be a button to download all game assets manually.

Complete Datamine: PokeMiners

July Events

Throughout the entire season of Go we will be enjoying different events focused on new updates in Pokemon Go, which will surprise us, write it all down! Save our website in favorites and visit it from time to time to stay tunned and know everything new events in Pokemon Go. Below you have a list of the events, to obtain more information click on the link “click here” in the corresponding event.

Pokemon Go Fest Seattle

To know more, click here.

Pokemon GO Anniversary Event

Anniversary that will take place between Wednesday, July 6, 2022 and Tuesday, July 12, 2022, To know more, click here.

Battle Weekend Event

To know more, click here.

Surprise Event???

To know more, click here.

Community Day

Mark the dates on your calendar, we will provide a link, when we have more information. The next 3 dates of the community days will be the following:

New data from PokeMiners – Go Battle League

In Pokemon Go, Go Battle League: Seasion 11 will start on June 1st and will last for 3 months (almost the whole summer) and will end on September 1st.

To know more, click here.

More about Pokémon GO, stay tunned!

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