Stufful Community Day – Pokemon Go May 2022

Stufful Community Day Pokemon Go

Last Updated on 10 May, 2023

Stufful Community Day – Pokemon Go April 2022. One day that the only spawn is Stufful, all information about the event, new attacks, evolution and more

Stufful Community Day – Pokemon Go April 2022. Pokemon type NormalFighting. April 23 from 14:00 to 17:00 (+2 hours to learn movements).

Pokemon Go Events – April 2022 and Alolan Event

Stufful Community Day – Pokemon Go April 2022

Info – Stufful Community Day

During few hours spawn will increase and also the ratio to catch a Stufful and Stufful shiny.

The mayority of spawned pokemon during those hours will be Stufful and shiny ratio will be increased, for every 25 Stufful, one shiny will come out.

Saturday, April 23 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (+2 hours for movements). Shiny and spawn chance increased considerably.

April 13 from 11:00 to 17:00 (+2 hours to learn movements). Shiny and spawn probability greatly increased.

Adjustments to last Community Day

They have reduced the time to catch Pokemon on Community Day from the 6 hours it was on previous Community Days to just 3 hours. Because? this is because Niantic has done a study of the Pokemon trainers who played during the community day and most of the trainers did not play more than 3 hours, so Niantic wants to enhance the time in which the Pokemon can be captured of the community day and reduce the amount of time.

We believe that all the changes are good, although we believe that they have reduced the time to catch Pokemon too much, but we cannot evaluate this change until we play the community day, so we recommend you play that day to see if the advantages that Niantic comments are beneficial enough to have reduced the game time by half.


Exclusive Attack,  will know the Charged Attack :

  • Drain Punch
  • Trainer Battles: 20 power and guaranteed to increase the user’s Defense.
  • Gyms and raids: 50 power

It will only learn this move if is evolved during the event. You’ll have an additional 2 hours (after the event ends), just to learn the move. So stay tuned, he will only learn this attack from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time.

We advise you to evolve Stufful to Bewear during the established hours since this opportunity will not happen again, on the Bewear community day.


  • Free 30 Ultra Balls.
  • Community Day Box available for 850 PokeCoins: 15 Ultra Balls, 15 Pinap Berries, 1 Elite Fast TM, and 1 Remote Raid Pass.

Community Day Special Research Story for 1 $ or the equivalent in your local currency:

  • Special Research story: Strong Stuff
  • Could have berrys, stardust, candies, incense and 3 pokemons: Stufful and Bewear.

Event bonuses in Stufful Community Day

  • x3 Catch XP
  • x2 Catch Candy
  • x2 chance to receive Candy ++ when catching Stufful
  • Incense3 hours.
  • Lure modules3 hours.
  • Surprises in snapshots.
  • +1 special tarde during the event (maximum 2 for that day)
  • Making a special trade during the event will cost 50% less stardust.

Group Play Bonuses

This bonus is a new way to make Pokémon trainers play in a group. The idea is the following; a lure module is activated and if the trainers who are surrounding that lure module manage to catch a certain amount of Pokemon, the bonus is activated; nowadays, the number of Pokemon that must be captured for the bonus to be activated is not known, but we understand that it will be reflected in the game and it may be the same number of Pokemon for all the bait modules that we activate.

Reward: will go from x3 XP per catch to x4 XP per catch.

Stufful Community Day – Stufful & Bewear

Info about Stufful

For now we do not have more data about Stufful than those shown below, so we ask you to be attentive to our website, since when we have the data we will upload all the detailed information of Stufful and Bewear.

  • Great League: Stufful will compete in great league, although we recommend evolve.
  • Little Jungle Cup: Sure you can participate in this league, so save some.

Type: NormalFighting
Level 40: 1.352 PC
Level 50: 1.529 PC
Buddy > Level 51: 1.547 PC


Fighting x1.6 Fairy x1.6 Psychic x1.6 Flying x1.6


Ghost x0.39 Rock x0.625 Bug x0.625 Dark x0.625

Stats Stufful

  • Attack: 136
  • Defense: 95
  • Stamina: 172

Fast Moves Stufful

  • NO available

Charged Moves Stufful

  • NO available

Bewear Info

Community day Bewear community day, this Pokemon is going to have a lot of stamina, so we think that in the case of standing out it could stand out in the Master League. They are assumptions, since the really important thing is the fast attacks that are assigned to this Pokemon, since these attacks are the key for the charged attacks to charge quickly. What is clear is that you have to capture a lot in the 3 hours that the event lasts so that we can evolve several (the best) when the event ends.

  • Great League: We think Bewear will not stand out much.
  • Ultra League: Could stand out.
  • Master League: It’s probably quite competitive.

Type: NormalFighting
Level 40: 3.117 PC
Level 50: 3.524 PC
Buddy > Level 51: 3.566 PC


Fighting x1.6 Fairy x1.6 Psychic x1.6 Flying x1.6


Ghost x0.39 Rock x0.625 Bug x0.625 Dark x0.625

Gyms and Raids

We think Bewear will be good attacking gyms and raids since it’s going to have a lot of health and possibly strong attacks. We encourage you to catch 100% or at least try.

Stats Bewear

  • Attack: 226
  • Defense: 141
  • Stamina: 260

Fast Moves Bewear

  • NO available

Charged Moves Bewear

  • Community Day: Drain Punch (Fighting)

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More about Pokémon GO, stay tunned!

If you have any suggestions or opinions, please write them in comments. We will be delighted to read it.

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