Terrakion best Fighting type Pokemon – September 2022

Terrakion best Fighting type Pokemon

Last Updated on 24 September, 2022

Terrakion best Fighting type Pokemon – September 2022. The best fighting type Pokemon for raids and gym fights.

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Terrakion best Fighting type Pokemon

With the new Double Kick attack and with the Holy Sword attack, the Pokemon Terrakion is positioned as the best fighting-type Pokemon to fight in gyms and raids, surpassing Dark Machamp. As new moves appear in Pokemon Go, different Pokemon will climb the Pokemon list that are useful against gyms and raids. We are sure that it will vary a lot in the Pokemon Go fighting league, if you want to know more about the Pokemon Go fighting league, click here.

Terrakion, a legendary rock-type and fighting-type Pokemon, is from the fifth generation, so it can be said that it competes within the Pokemon Go game against other very powerful Pokemon. Terrakion the legendary Pokemon belongs to a saga of legendary mystical Pokemon swordsmen, this group of mystical Pokemon is formed by: Cobalion, Virizion, and his apprentice, Keldeo.

Source: PokeBattler

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