Alice Awakening Cheat & Save

Alice Awakening Cheat & Save

Last Updated on 16 December, 2022

Alice Awakening Cheat & Save – How to find the Save, how to edit it, and all the cheats you can use to increase your inventory or change the effects

Alice Awakening Cheat & Save – Save Location

You don’t need any hack to use cheats and edit the Save, you just need to find the Save.Save, location:


So you must open the Alice Awakening folder, but not the folder you are playing from, if not the folder you will find in C:\Users\YourUsernName\. Once there you will find the file

Alice Awakening Cheat & Save – Cheat

There are no cheats, but you can edit the Save, and now we explain what you can get

  1. If you don’t find the file, make sure that you have already saved once at least. If not, enter the game, save, and close the game
  2. Open the file with a text editor like notepad.
  3. You will see a lot of items like ,”509384060562231″:110, where the numbers in quotes are the items or effects ids, and the number after “:” is the quantity
  4. So change the quantity of the item or effect you want
  5. Close and Save the file
  6. Open the game and check the changes
  7. Of course, the hardest part is figuring out which item or effect each number corresponds to. But don’t worry, we’ve already done it:

Items ids – Edit the Save

“493755260263107”: – Points (New – Thanks to Monster)

“972828786154656”: – choco sticks
“768945341707988”: – tea
“991638712465030”: – soda can
“792084190309536”: – chips
“863602483549654”: – nirnroot
“133335147158434”: – coffee
“985427301382468”: – e – drink
“375236297301015”: – pelmeni
“823013225845519”: – spinach
“152489272521290”: – gobayo
“677867800014759”: – black toothpaste
“151585822980468”: – pheromones
“747011960406860”: – watch
“831716977780015”: – golden loaf
“696037491793787”: – acraga coa

Effects ids – Edit the Save

For effects, the values ​​can be 0 or 1

“731668767937006”: Lazy guy
“525443671133376”: collector
“594980825649134”: crush
“945676666637324”: refreshed
“627147839706560”: peeping tom
“954011872258745”: relieved
“155390635820998”: chef

Other Walkthrough:

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