Banking on Bella Walkthrough & Guide

Banking on Bella Walkthrough

Last Updated on 29 October, 2021

Banking on Bella Walkthrough & Guide – Unlock all the events & scenes with all the characters (Bella, Abby, Stacy, Janice, Sofia…)

Some actions will cost you charm points and other dark points, so try to balance your gains. But whenever you can, get reputation’s points

Banking on Bella Walkthrough – First Steps

  • F*ck Yeah! (Janice Path)
  • ….My C (Fran path)
  • Your choice
  • Keep pressuring her. I Know… (+ Dark)
  • Through her Pants (+ Dark)
  • Start up a conversation by… (Abby Path)
  • Stare (+ Dark) or I better not stare (+ Charm)
  • First 3 options (+3 Reputation) + If she is dating anyone (+Dark)
  • Tell Reggie you need to order an appraisal
  • Yeah, I love classic cars
  • In order:
    1. Call Lana: Tell her what the slang….(+ Dark) or She is too sweet & innocent (+ Charm) > You’re right (+ Dark) or Over reacting (+ Charm) > Yes
    2. Text Aby
    3. Go Bed
  • Any of the 2 fantasies
  • I don’t want to be late for work
  • Talk to Reggie and the guys (+ Reputation) or Talk to Sofia (+ Charm)
  • Agree with Fran and decline the deal (+ Reputation)
  • F*ck it I Got no shame…
  • Check out (+ Dark)
  • Yes (+ Dark) or No… (+ Reputation)
  • Convince her
  • Yes, answer the phone
  • Accept Apology ( Stacy path)
  • Any Fantasy
  • Yes, if it..
  • Yeah, he’s a bro… (+2 Charm)
  • Fantasize
  • Go to work
  • Yeah of course (Abby path)
  • Hell, yes we are on

Volley Minigame

  • I’ll use this oportunity…
  • Absolutely, i’m staying to help Sofia
  • Yes (+ Dark) or No (+ Charm)
  • Her Family (Stacy path)
  • Nah I got this (Stacy Path)
  • Yeah > Yeah
  • Yes (+ Dark) or No (+ Charm)
  • Hell yeah she is (Stacy Path)
  • F*ck it Let’s do.. (Stacy path)
  • Something in my..
  • F*ck it I’m on the highway
  • Yeah, this shit…
  • No, this shit…
  • Take a pic (+ Dark) or I better Not (+ Charm)
  • Listen, when am i…
  • First choice (Sub path) or Second choice (Love Path)

Banking on Bella Walkthrough – Version 0.05a

Working on the walkthrough after the update

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  1. Thanks for the guide Sancho, helped me get into the BoB AVN. I am also using it to add my game play choices, but there are so many paths and side paths. Would you be interested in me sharing that with you, once it is a meaningful tool for new players, as many paths can be missed with some good content in this complex AVN.

    I know of your Sancho Mod, although i try to play vanilla except an ipatch sometimes. Keep doing what you do, idiots like me need all the help we can get.

    Regards James

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