Strange Nights Walkthrough

Strange Nights Walkthrough

Last Updated on 29 October, 2021

Strange Nights Walkthrough – Unlock all the events and scenes with this guide, best answers, choices, and evidences for renders


Always choose the + Dom option, except when we notify you that it leads to a bad end.

Strange Nights Walkthrough – v0.7

  • Have yous seen…? (+Dom) or … (+Emp)
  • x2 Evidences > x1 evidence > x1 evidence
  • I won’t… (+Dom) or I hear you (+Emp – WARNING > Bad End)
  • x3 evidences
  • Requires +2 Dom: Shitty way to go, huh
  • Don’t scare me (+Dom) or Sorry about that (+Emp)
  • You shouldn’t care about (+Dom) or Life is not that simple (+Emp)
  • Requires +3 Dom: Don’t mind if I do
  • x1 evidence
  • Sure, sure, listen buddy (+Dom) or That’s great Sam (+Emp)
  • x2 evidences > x1 evidence
  • What a P (+Dom) or Sorry to bother you (+Emp)
  • x1 evidence > x2 evidences > x2 evidences
  • Shut up (+Dom – WARNING > Bad End) or Calm down please (+Emp)
  • Nah (+Dom) or No Hell No (+Emp)
  • Requires +5 Dom: Take a Closer Look
  • Jealous? (+Dom) or Don’t talk nonsense (+Emp)
  • Requires +6 Dom: Can’t wait to test it further
  • Choose any
  • Reply message: Should have tried…
  • x2 evidences > x2 evidences
  • Reply message: It was a mistake
  • Best way to start (+Dom) or Only if Rachel (+Emp)
  • x2 evidences
  • What would Joyce say (+Dom) or Here you go (+Emp)
  • No excuses (+Dom) or Trust me (+Emp)
  • x1 evidence > x2 evidences
  • Forget about yesterday (+Dom) or I’m sure you are confused (+Emp)
  • Requires +12 Dom: You don’t know who you’re
  • x1 evidence > x1 evidence
  • Are you sure about this?
  • F yes (+Dom) or If you want to (+Emp)
  • Requires +13 Dom: Show me
  • F…No
  • x1 evidence
  • Requires +13 Dom: Take a closer look
  • x1 evidence
  • I can live with that
  • x3 evidences
  • Requires +13 Dom: Let’s rock
  • I may have (+Dom) or You’re cute when (+Emp)
  • x2 evidences
  • That’s an understatement (+Dom) or A gentleman never tells (+Emp)
  • x1 evidence
  • Requires +15 Dom: Look closer
  • A Rag B (+Dom) or A troubled soul (+Emp)
  • Can’t call you without a number
  • x1 evidence
  • Why not
  • x2 evidences

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