Milky Touch Walkthrough

Milky Touch Walkthrough

Last Updated on 29 October, 2021

Milky Touch Walkthrough – All the events with all the available characters – Octavia, Riley, Claudia, Karen, Katelyn, Linda

Milky Touch Walkthrough – Day 1 to 5

Day 1

  • Morning: Choose your name > Choices with no consequences
  • Class: Choose to not pay attention
  • Afternoon: Do the homework (don’t skip it)
  • Evening: Have dinner and talk with Claudia
  • Night: No choices

Day 2

  • Morning: Breakfast > Peek > Meet Mr Weng
  • Class: Turn your homework in > Spy
  • Leave it or clean it? (not really a big choice, but consequences, save if you want)
  • Afternoon: Work at the Red Dragon
  • Night: No choices

Day 3

  • Morning: No choices
  • Class: Give her your homework or not (if you went to Red Dragon)
  • SAVE 1
  • (Victor Path) Visit Victor and do his chores > at night check eyepro camera before going to sleep
  • (Regular Path) Work or do your homework > Better dream at night

Day 4

  • Morning: Breakfast > (Victor Path) Cash in Vic’s favor
  • (If you clean it – day 2) Sneak in the closet > Steal her stockings > Place the EyePro behind the bookshelf
  • (If you leave it – day 2) Usual Class > wat to skeak in > Plant the cam
  • Afternoon: Get lockpicks (Victor Path exclusive) > work or homework
  • (if you Placed the EyePro behind the bookshelf) Retrieve it (pick the locks in the way) > you cabn’t open Karen’s door lock
  • (if you didn’t) Dinner with Claudia & sleep

Day 5

  • Morning: Usual morning
  • (Eyepro Karen’s office) Ask Victor for help and retrieve the cam > scene > Give the video to Katelyn, discuss with Victor or confort Karen > Chill with Victor > Choose: Share the women or tell him off > Drink just twice > if you ask Victor a hard question he will participate
  • (No cam in Karen’s office) Normal class > work, homework or lockpicking > Check on Claudia and peek on her

Milky Touch Walkthrough – Day 6 to 10

Day 6

  • Morning: no choices
  • Afternoon; step in and help or stay out
  • Evening: no choices
  • Night: Search Riley or Evelyn (but notice the ads for Evelyn’s workplace)

Day 7

  • SAVE 2
  • Morning: Choose Red Dragon or Massage Parlor
  • (Massage Parlor) Go along with him
  • (Red Dragon) Just make some money
  • Afternoon: Study, work or plant the camera (Victor Path exclusive), if you give up on the cam you can follow the music to meet Riley
    • Work: Accept her money or not
    • Follow the music: Get info for Riley0’s romance route
    • Plant Cam in Karen’s office
  • Nigth:
    • (Requires Massage Parlor & afernoon study) massage claudia > use the technique
    • (other choices) sleep and dream

Day 8

  • Morning: No choices
  • Class: Ask Victor about the bar (requires Linda’s quest)
  • (Victor Path) Spy Mr Went > Tell the Truth > comfort her > Sceme
    • Walk her home
    • Leave Linda > Help Octavia or exploit the situacion
  • (Regular Path) work, homework or Chill out

Day 9

  • Morning: No choices
  • Class: If you set the reunion (claudia & karen) report back to Victor
  • Afternoon:
    • Home: Homework or Training (massage) or work
    • (Requires Give the video to Katelyn – Day 5) Tea with Katelyn: Money + Kiss > Visit the bar > exploit the situation or help her
  • Night: Play the drinking game > snoop around his phone

Day 10

  • Morning choice:
    • Now (better choice): Code is 187 > Party: Helping her (sharing event) or taking her home (single event, if this is your choice > Pretend to be Marcello)
    • Later: Normal class > check on her > check on her > open the door for her > Pretend to be Marcello

Milky Touch Walkthrough – Day 11 to 15

Day 11

  • Morning: No choices
  • Class: Accept the invitation (yoga class)
  • Yoga Clas: Peek
  • Evening: No choices

Day 12

  • Morning: No choices
  • After Class > Talk with Riley: She will invite you to a concert > Rush to karen’s office
  • Diner: Agree with Karen and choose:
    • Pick Desert: Claudia and Karen Kissing event
    • Stay at home (better choice):
      • Agree to help (scene)
      • show her the video (different scene) > Interfere

Day 13

  • Morning: No choices
  • Depending on your previous choices
    • Training: level up your massage level (requires previous trainings)
    • Interfere (requires Interfere day 12): Ask for Victor’s help > Accept his quest if necessary  > Katelyn’s place > Search for here (scene)
    • Help Karen (requires agree to help day 12)
  • Evening: No choices

Day 14

  • Morning > Katelyn’s mansion > Approach Katelyn
  • Photoshoot (requires photoshoot arrangements): Push Claudia
  • Date with Riley (Requires talk to Riley Day 12): Pizza > get a sample of her violin skills
  • If you dind’t get the photoshoot or the concert: no choices

Day 15

  • Morning: No choices
  • Class: No choices
  • Massage Octavia (requires training massage) > Best events if you blackmailed her
  • Agree to get him the panties (Victor’s path) > Claudia Event (requires training massage)
  • Massage Evelyn (if you were not in the panties quest and you have massage skills)

Milky Touch Walkthrough – Day 16 to 20

Day 16

  • Morning: No choices
  • Class: Riley will invite you to a Yoga Class
  • Evening: If you have no progress with the blackmail project you’ll jump to next day
  • Night event: Requires to plant the camera days 7 & 13 in Karen’s office

Day 17

  • Morning: choose if you want to level up your massage skills
    • Class: No choices
    • Massage Parlor (if you accepted this morning)
  • Afternoon
    • Study for the test
    • Play Videogames: Ra2 > Ada & Ra3 > Jill
  • Dinner: Accept
  • Night: many choices but scene at the end

Day 18

  • Morning: No choices
  • Cafe (Riley’s route): Riley’s kiss
  • Class: No choices
  • Massage Parlor: No choices
  • Evening: the scene of your choice
  • Katelyn’s masion: If you agreed to help Karen you will be able to hack the PC
  • The Mask
    • Octavia blackmail route: Buy Claudia or not
    • Romance route: help Claudia or Octavia

Day 19

  • Morning: Give her the money (if available) > Choose Claudia, Riley or Octavia for the Mossland event
  • Class (If you gave her Kat’s money) > Kiss her or Invite to mnossland
  • Meet Karen: Be aggressive
  • After Class > if in Riley’s path: You can invite her to Mossland > Choose
    • Massage Parlor: Massage Riley if you kissed her day 18
    • Swiming Class: If Claudia took that job
      • Challenge: CPR with Jack
      • Let it be: CPR with MC
    • Visit Ashley: If you need Kat’s password > there is also an scene
    • Or Victor: Not recommended
  • The Mask (if Claudia worked on the mask): Corrupt her

Day 20

  • Mossland Event:
  • Contest:
    • Claudia: Kiss her
    • Riley: Hold her hand
    • Octavia: Kiss her
  • Pirate Ship:
    • Claudia: No choices
    • Riley: No choices
    • Octavia: Go for it
  • Last Ride:
    • Claudia: The Ferris Wheel
    • Riley: The Ferris Wheel
    • Octavia: The Ferris Wheel

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