Obscure Affairs Walkthrough

Obscure Affairs Walkthrough

Last Updated on 29 October, 2021

Obscure Affairs Walkthrough – Best choices and save points to unlock all the available events and scenes in the game


At the moment, in the current version, there is no difference between + Dom or + Sub, nor between + Corruption or + Innocence. Although we assume that there will be consequences in future updates.

What does block or unblock routes is choosing one character or another. So so that you can access all the events and scenes we have marked the save points for you

Obscure Affairs Walkthrough – All the routes

  • I know (+2 Lea Sub) or well at least (+2 Leah Dom)
  • SAVE 1
  • Sure (+2 Leah Corruption)
  • Get your little (+2 Lea Sub) or It’s up to you (+2 Leah Dom)
  • Uhm Probably (+5 Lea Dom or Sub depending on your path) or What no way (+6 Leah corruption)
  • Compliment her hair (+2 Leah corruption)
  • Wake up Diana (right) (there is no content with Alice, the other girl, yet)
  • SAVE 3
  • Stay (+ Your wife)
  • Right now (+8 Diana Corruption) or I love all of you (+2 Diana Inocence) or your sweet Right now (+8 Diana Corruption)
  • Load SAVE 3
  • Leave (unkonwn girl)
  • Check out
  • Firts choice = extra scene > your choice
  • Load SAVE 1
  • Not tonight (Eliza route)
  • Aww sorry for that (+2 Eliza Innocence) or I was expecting you (+2 Eliza Corruption)
  • Cut a special one (+2 Eliza Corruption) or You still love the right (+2 Eliza Innocence)
  • It only happens when (+2 Eliza Corruption) or It happens all the time (+3 Eliza Innocence)
  • I do enjoy (+2 Eliza Corruption) or Wo wouldn’t (+2 Eliza Innocence)
  • Make the choices you want until at the end, you will again access an event with Eliza

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