Scars of Summer Walkthrough

Scars of Summer Walkthrough

Last Updated on 29 October, 2021

Scars of Summer Walkthrough – Complete all the routes & endings – Saki & Ryoka (Masaru, Oyama, Nobuo, The Vagrant & Yasui)

Scars of Summer Walkthrough – Controls

  • Q: Open your phone (call Ryoka, Ryoka Clues
  • W: to open the Calendar & check upcoming events
  • T: to fast forward the time 1 hour
  • A: to send you back in front of your house
  • C: to close Ryoka’s diary

Scars of Summer Walkthrough – Saki

You can complete all the Saki’s routes in the same gameplay

The Bar (Monday & Saturday)

  1. Visit the Bar (Blue banner) and interact with Saki (!) when she works twice
  2. Next working day go to the large empty room surrounded by a bunch of men and interact with the door (repeat this step until you complete it)
  3. The door will be locked, go to the bathroom (!), climb up & peek

The Store (Tuesday & Thursday)

  1. Visit the shop (Upper left) when she is working there > interact with the old man > Buy what he wants from the shops in the town > wait until the heart appears (2:00pm or 14:00)

The Shelter (Wednesday & Sunday)

  1. Go to the City and talk to the homeless guy (!) next to Saki > do it again another day
  2. The heart will keep appearing on the tent to the right
  3. find a photo left outside the homeless shelter of  the event you see on the 3rd day of the event

Scars of Summer Walkthrough – Ryoka

You can only complete one Ryoka’s route per gameplay

Happy true love ending

Stop her from interacting with any of the guys (NO ! & don’t leave her alone)

Normal ending

Play the game without completing any of the routes with the other characters (No scenes in this ending)

Oyama ending

  1. Talk to Oyama (!) with Ryoka, he lives in the village in a house just bellow yours
  2. Talk to the village chief (!) in bad that Saki works at (left of Oyama’s hut)
  3. Find Ryoka and Oyama together next to his hut, or a (!) on the ground close to the hut

Masaru ending

  1. Talk to Masaru (!) with Ryoka, he works at the onsen (below Oyama’s hut)
  2. Go to school and overhear some girls talking about bullying
  3. Go Home (memory scene unlocked)
  4. Onsen > bottom right exit (fenced off courtyard with a shack)

Nobuo ending

  1. Talk to the two men arguing (!) at the liquor store (house left of the bar) with Ryoka,
  2. Visit Nobuo at his masion (upper right exit)
  3. Talk to Nobuo next to the stairs with a heart (Wednesday or Friday) & accept his bet and lose

Daisuke ending

  1. Work part time in the video rental shop (2nd building in the upper rowe) on tuesday or thursday
  2. Heart symbol when Daisuke and Royka hang out on the other side of the river
  3. Heart on the floor in the town > Run into Ryoka > Daisuke’s house

The Vagrant ending

  1. Train > City > on a bench under the prep school building > Talk to him and enter the prep school to get a brochure.
  2. Go home (Ryoka will find out)
  3. Go to school and study by yourself (left sparkling chair)
  4. When you see Ryoka’s icon in the city go there and you’ll see the vagrant having a heart on him
  5. She will follow him inside his tent
  6. You will need to go to the city on foot > go to the tent > call her (the phone will light up)
  7. A new heart will appear when the vagrant moves into the village (empty house in the bottom left)

Yasui ending

  1. Talk to Yasui (!) at classroom (schoo) with Ryoka
  2. Town > Talk to a whimpy boy next to the clothes store (under the video rental store)
  3. City > to the right > narrow alley to the left > enter the club > talk to the (!) Girl (Yasui will blackmail Ryoka
  4. Find Ryoka in the city (her icon will appear) > Interact with the karaoke bar’s door (Upper left)
  5. Follow the hearts (Karaoke & classroom)

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