The College Cheat Codes – v0.50

The College Cheat Codes

Last Updated on 27 December, 2023

The College Cheat Codes – Max all the stats using the code of your game’s version and save a few hours of farming (last three updates included)

The College Cheat Codes – Full List

These are the latest codes for the latest versions of the game:

  • v0.50 cheat code: 446628
  • v0.49 cheat code: 250974
  • v0.48 cheat code: 651289
  • v0.47 cheat code: 168430
  • v0.46 cheat code: 108216
  • v0.40 cheat code: 335189
  • v0.39 cheat code: 117796
  • v0.38 cheat code: 981236
  • v0.33 cheat code: 543962
  • v0.32 cheat code: 741369
  • v0.31 cheat code: 375894
  • v0.27 cheat code: 669521
  • v0.25 & v0.26 cheat code: 664872
  • v0.23 & v0.24 cheat code: 231789
  • v0.22 cheat code: 4634537
  • v0.21 cheat code: 8529173
  • v0.20 cheat code: 64623

Use the code of your game’s version. Codes are tested if they don’t work for you is because you are playing in another version of the game. If the version you are playing is older, update the game. But if the version you are playing is newer please leave us a comment so we can add the code to the list

The College Cheat Codes – How to use Cheats?

Go to your dorm and click on the stats (find them above the laptop, to the right of the calendar). There are your character’s stats, but if you click on cheat (the green button) you can insert the cheat code to raise all the stats to the max value for the current update:

Cheat rewards

You will max all the stats:

  • Ballet
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Chemistry
  • Acting
  • Medicine
  • Mental Health

The process of increasing the level of stats is slow and time consuming. So you will save hours of play

Unfortunately cheats do not serve to improve everything. And they will not help you with variables such as Fame, Academic Performance, FBI, Lodge or Money, that will have to be achieved on your own

Although a broader cheat might be tempting, we believe that the decision was a wise move on the part of the developers. Cheat helps you with the hardest part, but it doesn’t solve the whole game for you. If you want to have it all, you can always download a Save from someone who has already completed the game. These cheats simply help you spend a lot less hours

Other Walkthrough:

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