Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – August 2022

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List

Last Updated on 15 August, 2022

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List –  The best Swords ranked by tiers, from S Tier to F Tier based on how good they are

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S Tier – Best Swords

S Tier are the best swords:

  • Yoru v2
  • TTK (True Triple Katana): If you want to get it you need to have all the Legendary Swords Shisui, Wando, Saddi and have over 300 Mastery Levels on all Legendary Swords. Talk to Mysterious Man on the top of green bit
  • Koko: Koko is rare chances to drop from Order Raid Boss, it’s basically Shisui but better
  • Pole (Second Form): High damage, long range, all around good sword.

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – A Tier

A Tier is the second tier, very close to the best in the game, but one step below

  • Dragon Trident: Great range on the first ability, high damage on both, Dragon Trident can be really useful.
  • Wando: Wando isn’t generally good in huge fights but only 1v1’s.
  • Rengoku: You can get it from a secret chest on the Castle Island, the chest opens with a hidden key (drop from Castle NPCs)
  • Midnight Blade: The midnight blade is a sword you can buy on the cursed ship for 100
  • Saddi: Saddi is very lethal at close range extremely good for pvp
  • Shisui: Shisui is a GOD TIER sword for pvp
  • Saber v2: Obtain 1 million bounty and slaughter one player and then you receive it

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – B Tier

B Tier is the third tier, slightly above average

  • Bisento v2: Kill White Beard and do 10 percent damage minimum to make it drop.
  • Soul Cane: Soulcane is very good for pvp and combos
  • Gravity Cane: mini gravity joke
  • Pole (First Form): pretty good early weapon sword, and has good range and damage.
  • Jitte: Jitto drop at Smoke Admiral

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – C Tier

C Tier is the fourth tier, slightly below average

  • Bisento v1: Bisento is very good for grinding
  • Yoru v1
  • Long Sword: Decent sword for pvp.
  • Saber v1: Saber has extremely high damage and is good for pvp.
  • Duel Headed Blade: Very good blade for grinding.

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – D Tier

The D Tier is very close to the worst tier, but a step above, in any case, not very interesting

  • Trident: Trident very good for playing pvp strategically.
  • Shark Saw
  • Pipe: Pipe is very good for snow island grinding.
  • Double Katana: This sword is good for farming at Buggy Island.
  • Triple Katana: Great sword for grinding snow island.

F Tier – Worst Swords

The F Tier is the worst tier, try to avoid these swords

  • Wardens Sword: Best looking sword in the game
  • Iron Mace:  Iron Mace is very good for pirate island.
  • Katana/Cutlass

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