Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – Feburary 2024

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List

Last Updated on 5 February, 2024

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List –  The best Swords ranked by tiers, from S+ Tier to F Tier based on how good they are

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S+ Tier – Best Swords

S+ Tier are the best swords:

  • Dark Blade: Dark Blade is one of four mythical swords added in Update 1. The first sword that allows the user to “hold” the movement button for a split second to change the movement mechanics/range. (Z movement about 0.15 seconds, X movement about 0.3 seconds).
  • Cursed Dual Katana: Cursed Dual Katana was added as a mythical sword in Update 17.3.
    • To unlock the Cursed Dual Katana, the player must master Yama and Tushita 350 times and solve the Cursed Dual Katana puzzle. To start the puzzle, the player must be at or above level 2200.
  • Tushita: Tushita is a legendary sword added in Update 15. It has a fast, high-damage attack, making it a top sword in PvP and raids.
  • Pole (Second Form): High damage, long range, all around good sword.
  • Shisui: Shisui is a GOD TIER sword for pvp

S Tier – Great Swords

S Tier are great swords:

  • Rengoku: You can get it from a secret chest on the Castle Island, the chest opens with a hidden key (drop from Castle NPCs).
  • Spikey Trident: Spiked Trident is a legendary sword. It was added in Update 17 (part 2). It is known for its huge combo potential thanks to the “x” move Flying Trident Pull.
    • It can be obtained as a drop from the chef of Cake Prince and Dough King boss. It has a very small chance of getting it, once it is defeated, the chance is 5%.
  • Canvander: Canvander is a legendary sword added in Update 15. It’s a redesigned Shisui, but with better damage, different effects, and less lag at the end.
    • To obtain this sword, players must defeat the 1950-level BOSS Beautiful Pirate located in the Territory of the Beautiful Pirate in the Third Sea. Handsome Pirates have a 5% chance of dropping this sword.
  • Buddy Sword: Buddy’s Sword is a legendary sword. It was added in Update 17 Part 1. Buddy Sword uses the same type of attack as Soul Fruit. The sword’s damage, speed, and reach make it a solid choice for PvP/hunter players.
    • The Buddy Sword can be obtained with a 5% chance from the level 2175 boss NPC Cake Queen in Sea of ​​Treats.
  • Saber: Saber is a legendary sword. It can be upgraded to Saber V2 in the future, which is obviously better than Saber V1. This sword is used by the sword master in the game. Due to its incredible damage, the Saber V2 is still considered a pretty good sword in Second Sea PvP. However, players should upgrade to better swords when they leave the level 700-1000 zone.
    • Version 1: It can be obtained from Saber Expert with 100% chance and it can only be obtained by solving the Saber Expert Puzzle.
    • Version 2: Earn a million bounty/honor. Players must kill another player of roughly the same level or higher with Saber equipped.

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – A Tier

A Tier is the third tier, very close to the best in the game, but one step below

  • Hallow Scythe: The Hallow Scythe is one of four mythical swords added in Update 16. Hallow Scythe has a very short click cooldown, comparable to fighting styles such as Superhuman. Despite its mythic status, it’s a decent sword with decent combo potential and damage, like a legendary sword. However, when combined with Buddha, it becomes very useful in Grinding and PvP due to the short click cooldown.
  • Dragon Trident: Great range on the first ability, high damage on both, Dragon Trident can be really useful.
  • Koko: Koko is rare chances to drop from Order Raid Boss, it’s basically Shisui but better
  • True Triple Katana: If you want to get it you need to have all the Legendary Swords Shisui, Wando, Saddi and have over 300 Mastery Levels on all Legendary Swords. Talk to Mysterious Man on the top of green bit
  • Midnight Blade: The midnight blade is a sword you can buy on the cursed ship for 100 Ectoplasm.
  • Yama: Yama is a legendary sword added to the game in Update 15. This sword has a very fast attack speed and decent damage, making it a good sword in PvP. It looks very similar to Tushita and has almost the same abilities, but Tushita is much more ferocious in PvP.
  • Soul Cane:  The Soul Cane is a rare sword. Living skeletons sell it. He is in the magma village of the first sea, and needs to pass through an invisible wall (the color of the wall is different from other places on the volcano, it is recommended to use the quick mode to find it). It sells for 750,000.
  • Dark Dagger: The Dark Dagger is a legendary sword added in Update 15. It is often considered a slightly weaker version of the Dark Blade, but does roughly the same damage as the Darkblade, the only differences being its size, breakpoint, and speed. Dark Dagger’s hit cooldown is very short, around 0.25 seconds, twice as fast as Dark Blade’s hit cooldown.
    • The Dark Dagger can be obtained as a 2.5% drop from the Level 5000 Raid Boss, rip_indra.

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – B Tier

B Tier is the third tier, slightly above average

  • Saddi: Saddi is very lethal at close range extremely good for pvp.
  • Wando: Wando isn’t generally good in huge fights but only 1v1’s.
  • Long Sword: Decent sword for pvp.
  • Twin Hooks: It is carried and dropped by the Elephant Captain (level 1875) next to the Floating Turtle. The Double Hook has a 5% drop chance, which is very rare given its unusual rarity.
  • Jitte: Jitto drop at Smoke Admiral

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – C Tier

C Tier is the fourth tier, slightly below average

  • Bisento:  The Bisento is a legendary sword added in Update 1. Swords can be moved using one of Quake’s abilities (Quake Sphere).
    • Version 1 – In order to obtain Bisento, players must purchase it from the Master Sword Dealer on an island in the Skylands for 1,000,000, but you must be at least level 250 to purchase it.
    • Version 2 – The user must have Bisento in their inventory/hotbar. Afterwards, the user must defeat Greybeard in Marine Fortress.
  • Gravity Cane: The Gravity Cane is a rare sword obtained by defeating the Fajita boss. Fajita has a 10% chance to drop as long as you deal at least 10% damage to it. 2x Drops Game Pass doubles the drop chance. This sword is not recommended for master swords, as it is essentially a scaled-down version of the Gravity Fruit. However, due to the large AoE hitbox, it’s pretty good for farming.

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – D Tier

The D Tier is very close to the worst tier, but a step above, in any case, not very interesting

  • Trident: Trident very good for playing pvp strategically.
  • Pole (First Form): pretty good early weapon sword, and has good range and damage.
  • Shark Saw: The Shark Saw is an uncommon sword that can be obtained by killing the raid boss, The Saw. The Saw spawns every 15 minutes in the central city of the first sea, and disappears after 15 minutes. He wields a shark saw, which is a long sword with 6 toothed shark blades arranged in a row. Like all other swords, the Sharksaw has two actions.
  • Dual Headed-Blade: The Dual Headed Blade is a rare sword that was sold to the Master Sword Dealer in Skylands for 400,000 Beli.
  • Pipe: Pipe is very good for snow island grinding.
  • Wardens Sword: Best looking sword in the game.
  • Triple Katana: Great sword for grinding snow island.
  • Iron Mace:  Iron Mace is very good for pirate island.

F Tier – Worst Swords

The F Tier is the worst tier, try to avoid these swords

  • Katana / Cutlass: The Katana is a common sword sold for BeliIcon.png 1,000 on Pirate Starter Island and Marine Starter Island. It can be purchased from sword merchants along with the cutlass, which is functionally the same sword (same attack and damage), just looks different.
  • Double Katana: This sword is good for farming at Buggy Island.

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