Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay

Last Updated on 9 December, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay guide – Locations (Biomes and best spots), Steps and tips to find Clay, main uses and recipes, and a video guide

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Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay – Location

You need two pieces of information to know where to find clay, the biomes where it appears, and the exact locations of each biome:

Clay Biomes

The three bes biomes to find clay are Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust and Sunlit Plateau. You may also find Clay near the river in Forest of Valor, but mud areas are less common, and we haven’t found. If you are not sure where there is mud, our preferred farming spot is the east bank (right on the map) under the east bridge (the one on the right on the map) of Glade of Trust

Clay Locations

Clay can only be found in muddy areas near bodies of water, rivers, lakes and others. And the clay is underground, so you’re going to need a shovel.

Steps to get Clay

If you need Clay, follow these steps:

  • Find a muddy area near a body of water, they are very common
  • Equip your shovel
  • Start digging holes in the mud until you find Clay, although we anticipate that it is not a very common resource, the normal thing is that you get Clay in one of every 10 holes

1st Tip: Farming Clay is a tedious job, if you want a large amount it will take time. We recommend that you dig 50 to 100 holes, and take the opportunity to farm other resources that are also found in the mud, such as Star Coins or Soil. Moreover, the advice is that since they are scarce resources, farm Clay and Soil at the same time. Since they are also two common ingredients in many recipes

2nd Tip: Mud patches reset over time. So if you have already detected areas that you like to farm, you can visit them again after a few hours

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay – Video Guide

In case you are interested, we show you a clay farming gameplay, precisely in Glade of Trust, made by youtuber Serroh

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay – Uses

Clay is used as an ingredient for Brick, which is needed for various recipes, and is also a direct ingredient for many crafting recipes. You will discover that it is one of the ingredients that you will need the most for the constructions, but we anticipate the recipes:

  • Brick: 5 Clay, 1 Coal
  • Iron Spike and Brick Fence: 3 Bricks, 2 Iron Ingots
  • Metal Spike Fence: 2 Bricks, 3 Iron Ingots
  • Sun-Baked Earthen Road: 1 Clay, 1 Soil
  • Broken Carved Pillar Base: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Broken Pillar Base: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Flower Pots: 6 Clay, 2 Soil. There are also lots of unique Flowerpots you can make by combining different flowers you collect.
  • Jubilant Topiary: 5 Clay, 5 Soil, 3 Pink Houseleek flowers
  • Low Sculpted Pillar: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Mossy Circle-Carving Stone: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Mossy Eye-Carving Stone: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Rustic Clock Tower: 200 Clay, 100 Stone, 100 Hardwood, 30 Iron Ingots
  • Mossy Fallen Pillar: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil

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