Disney Dreamlight Valley Farming Crops Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Farming Crops Guide

Last Updated on 9 December, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley Farming Crops Guide – Locations, Growing time, Thorns, Seed Buy Price, Crop Sell Price, Units per harvest and FAQ

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Farming Crops Guide – All Crops

These are all the crops, with their locations, growing times, seed prices (buy price), Crop prices (sell price), Crops per harvest and water requirements

Crop Stall Thorns? Growing time Seed Price Crop Price Units/Harvest Rewater?
Carrot Peaceful Meadow Yes 15 Mins 10 44 1 no
Lettuce Peaceful Meadow 3 Mins 3 8 1 no
Wheat Peaceful Meadow 1 Mins 1 2 2 no
Corn Dazzle Beach Yes 12 Mins 15 16 2 no
Tomato Dazzle Beach 25 Mins 8 22 3 yes
Suger Cane Dazzle Beach 7 Mins 5 19 1 no
Canola Forest of Valor Yes 35 Mins 25 109 1 yes
Bell Peper Forest of Valor 15 Mins 12 33 1 unk
Onion Forest of Valor 75 Mins 50 170 1 unk
Spinach Glade of Trust 60 Mins 45 41 1 unk
Rice Glade of Trust 50 Mins 35 61 2 unk
Okra Glade of Trust 120 Mins 135 114 3 unk
Cotton Sunlit Plateau 25 Mins 42 37 1 unk
Soya Sunlit Plateau 90 Mins 60 69 3 unk
Chili Pepper Sunlit Plateau 45 Mins 20 78 1 unk
Cucumber Frosted Heights 75 Mins 40 159 1 unk
Eggplant Frosted Heights 180 Mins 95 308 1 unk
Asparagus Frosted Heights 165 Mins 150 133 3 unk
Patato Forgotten Lands 35 Mins 55 126 1 unk
Leek Forgotten Lands 120 Mins 120 309 1 unk
Pumpkin Forgotten Lands 240 Mins 275 664 1 unk

Disney Dreamlight Valley Farming Crops Guide – Fruits & Berries

In addition to crops, there are fruit trees and berry bushes. They are limited, and you cannot produce more than the game offers you, but it never hurts to know their locations

  • Plaza – Apple Tree, Raspberry Bush, Oregano
  • Peaceful Meadow – Banana Tree, Raspberry Bush, Basil
  • Dazzle Beach – Banana Tree, Blueberry Busy, Coconut Tree (after Maui quest)
  • Glade of Trust – Cocoa Tree, Lemon Tree, Mushroom
  • Forest of Valor – Lemon Tree, Blueberry Bush, Garlic
  • Sunlit Plateau – Cherry Tree, Cocoa Tree, Vanilla
  • Frosted Heights – Cherry Tree, Gooseberry Bush, Mint
  • Forgotten Lands – Apple Tree, Gooseberry Bush, Ginger

Disney Dreamlight Valley Farming Crops Guide – FAQ

How to Get Seeds?

Early on, you may occasionally receive Seeds as quest rewards. To obtain them, remove Night Thorns from various locations (check the table above). But Goofy’s Stalls is where you can collect seeds with the highest degree of certainty.

How to Get Bonus Crops?

  1. Yellow Glow – A fruit tree, berry bush, or crop will be bathed in a bright yellow light. You only have a brief window of time to press the interact key as frequently as you can to earn more crops.
  2. Orange Items – Crops in excess will explode and fall to the ground. The moment you pick them up, they vanish in a flash!
  3. Blue Items – If you hang out with a character who possesses the farming skill, they will occasionally throw forth extra crops that glow blue.

How to Start Farming?

Farming will begin rather early in the game, similar to fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can begin farming once you have collected all of your royal tools and a few seeds.

You can dig up practically any piece of land in Dreamlight Valley with your Shovel. Dig a hole, place a seed inside, and then irrigate the seed with a watering can should be rather simple.

A new crop will appear after some time. Keep in mind to check on some crops and water them if they begin to wilt.

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