Disney Dreamlight Unlock Ariel Guide

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Ariel

Last Updated on 9 December, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Ariel Guide – unlock Mysterious Wreck Quest, find the materials and fix the raft, complete Ariel’s Quests

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Disney Dreamlight Unlock Ariel – Steps

Ariel is one of the favorite Disney characters, but in case you don’t have enough reasons to want to unlock her, she is necessary to unlock Eric, so we explain how to get the little mermaid, which is also very easy, we explain:

Unlocking Realms

To get Ariel you don’t need to unlock any additional realms, well, Dazzle Beach. We assume that you already have it unlocked and that you do not need a guide for it, in any case, we will explain below just in case.

First, you must advance Merlin’s quest to open the Dream Castle, where you must defeat the Night Thorns obstructing the Castle’s entry, in order to uncover the majority of Disney characters.

It’s not hard but getting dreamlight will take a while. We recommend that you farm Dream Shards and trade them for Dreamlight. In case you are not clear here our guide to get Dream Shards

Unlocking Ariel

If you have already unlocked the Frozen Realm, the next thing is to complete Ariel’s quests:

  • Start the Mysterious Wreck Quest: Gain access to the remote island near Sull Rock, southeast of Dazzle Beach and interact with the small oar lying on the shore
  • Fixing the raft: Find Goofy and talk to him, find these items and give them to him:
    • x30 Hardwood: search for piles of sticks in Glade of Trust
    • 7x Rope: You will need quite a lot of Seaweed, if you don’t know how to get it > Seaweed farming guide
    • 25x Clay: Another tricky resource > Clay Farming Guide
    • 10x Iron Ingot: Collect iron ore from mining rock nodes and craft iron ingots
  • Complete Ariel Quests: After fixing the raft, embark and you will arrive at The Lonely Island, where you will see Ariel and you can start her missions to take her with you

And you have already got Ariel, who as we told you is a necessary character if you also want to unlock Eric

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Ariel – Video Guide

We leave you all Ariel’s missions in a single video guide from youtuber KwingsLetsPlays – Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Fina and Unlock Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

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