Disney Dreamlight Valley Earn Star Coins

Disney Dreamlight Valley Earn Star Coins

Last Updated on 9 December, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley Earn Star Coins – Easy & Fast method to get Star Coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley, …

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Earn Star Coins

There are different ways to get Star Coins easily, here you have them:

  • Gems
  • Fishing
  • Cook Meals


  • Gems are one of the most difficult commodities to obtain in this game.
  • Furthermore, a single gem can provide you with hundreds of Star Coins.
  • Several types of gems can be obtained by using a pickaxe across the maps.
  • You can later sell them at Goofy’s stall to get a lot of Star Coins.
  • Furthermore, if you’re accompanied by a villager, your odds of finding a rare gem improve.
  • You can also assign the mining task to the villager after you’ve gained their trust.


  • Your prize for finishing the Royal Tools quest is a fishing rod, that can be used to gather fish that you can sell.
  • You can earn a lot of Star Coins by catching a rare kind of fish.
  • Additionally, you can increase your chances of obtaining a rare fish by bringing a villager with you.
  • Additionally, when you’re gone, you can delegate the villager’s Fishing chore. Visit Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach, which have both been unlocked since the game’s inception, to collect lots of Star Coins.

Cook Meals

  • After exploring the Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are given three realm alternatives.
  • Those domains lead to characters like Moana, Wall-E, and Remy.
  • Choose Remy and strengthen your friendship with him so that he will visit your island. Furthermore, he is capable of teaching you the greatest recipes for cooking meals and selling them to earn Star Coins.
  • These are some of the most effective methods for obtaining Star Coins quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you liked this article, you should also read our other Disney Dreamlight Valley tutorials.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Earn Star Coins – FAQ

How to Get Seeds?

Early on, you may occasionally receive Seeds as quest rewards. To obtain them, remove Night Thorns from various locations (check the table above). But Goofy’s Stalls is where you can collect seeds with the highest degree of certainty.

How to Get Bonus Crops?

  1. Yellow Glow – A fruit tree, berry bush, or crop will be bathed in a bright yellow light. You only have a brief window of time to press the interact key as frequently as you can to earn more crops.
  2. Orange Items – Crops in excess will explode and fall to the ground. The moment you pick them up, they vanish in a flash!
  3. Blue Items – If you hang out with a character who possesses the farming skill, they will occasionally throw forth extra crops that glow blue.

How to Start Farming?

Farming will begin rather early in the game, similar to fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can begin farming once you have collected all of your royal tools and a few seeds.

You can dig up practically any piece of land in Dreamlight Valley with your Shovel. Dig a hole, place a seed inside, and then irrigate the seed with a watering can should be rather simple.

A new crop will appear after some time. Keep in mind to check on some crops and water them if they begin to wilt.

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