Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric Guide

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric

Last Updated on 9 December, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric Guide – Unlock Realms and Complete Ursula’s, Ariel’s Quest and Poor Unfortunate Prince quest

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Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric – Steps

If you want to get Eric, you must unlock three kingdoms and reach friendship level 10 with both Ursula and Ariel, we explain:

Unlocking Realms

If you just started playing the game, take it easy, because it will take a while as it requires 28,000 Dreamlight to unlock the three kingdoms you will need to unlock Eric: Forest of Valor, Forgotten Lands and Frosted Heights

First, you must advance Merlin’s quest to open the Dream Castle, where you must defeat the Night Thorns obstructing the Castle’s entry, in order to uncover the majority of Disney characters.

It’s not hard but getting 28000 dreamlight will take a while. We recommend that you farm Dream Shards and trade them for Dreamlight. In case you are not clear here our guide to get Dream Shards

Unlocking Eric

If you have already unlocked all the Realms, the next thing is to complete Eric’s quests:

  • Free Ursula: She’s a prisoner in a cave prison at Dazzle Beach. To free her, complete the Merlin With Great Power quest. If that quest still doesn’t appear, simply progress with Merlin until it appears.
  • Reach Ursula Friendship level 10: To unlock Ursula’s friendship quests you have to look for her, she is always in different locations, but always near the water > Complete her quests until you reach level 10. They are generally easy quests, except for A Deal With Ursula, where you have to find three crystals. At the end of this guide we leave you a video with their locations
  • Reach Ariel Friendship level 10: In general the quests are quite simple, but in the end, after placing Eric’s castle in the village, you must find Eric’s flute in Eric’s castle and give it to Ariel

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric – Video Guide

We leave you all Eric’s missions in a single video guide from youtuber MrStarInSky – How to unlock Eric in DISNEY Dreamlight Valley. Prince Eric quest requirements, Poor Unfortunate Prince quest, how to unlock it and get Prince Eric back to Ariel in DISNEY Dreamlight Valley. Deal with Ursula.

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