Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get rid of Mushrooms

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get rid of Mushrooms

Last Updated on 9 December, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get rid of Mushrooms – a step-by step guide to complete The Final Trial Quest and get the Royal Water Can Upgrading Ointment

You need the improved Watering Can tool you acquired during The Royale Tool quest at the game’s start in order to get rid of mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you get at the quest known as “A New Enchantment,” continue to advance Merlin’s questline and friendship level.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Rid of Mushrooms – Step-by Step

These are the steps to get rid of mushrooms

  1. Unlock Wall-E (access his realm via the Dream Castle) and bring him back to the valley:
    • Find him a new body tread.
    • Create several Trash Cubes.
    • Farm some crops with Wall-E.
    • Talk to other villagers to help Wall-E recollect his memories.
  2. Reach friendship level 10 with Merlin: it only requires performing activities with the wizard (fishing, farming…)
  3. Complete Merlin’s Quests “A Dark Experiment” and “The Final Trial”: Merlin will enchant the Watering Can if you give him the crafted ointment.
  4. Pour the enchanted Watering Can on the mushrooms to get rid of them

As you can see, the process is simple, although it will take longer than it seems, and here are some explanations that will surely help you in the process:

How To Get Emeralds

After you have unlocked Forest of Valor (3,000 Dreamlight) go there and start looking for Emeralds with a friend of yours who is skilled in mining.

How To Craft Purified Night Shards

You will need to get 15x Night Shards and 3x Dreamshards:

  • Night Shards: can be extracted from glowing dirt mounds
  • Dreamshards: can be obtained by dispatching Night Thorns (the spawn rate of Dreamshards is pretty low)

The Final Trial Quest – Royal Water Can Upgrading Ointment

For the part completing The Final Trial Quest and getting the final ingredient, Royal Water Can Upgrading Ointment, you will need to get several ingredients.

  • Night Shard Power: give Purified Night Shards to Wall-E, he will give you NIght shard power in return
  • Mushrooms: picking them up from the ground in Glade of Trust
  • Falling Water: Collect Falling Water at the end of the river in Glade of Trust
  • Ice Heart: plant the Ice Heart Seed in the Frosted Heights area

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Rid of Mushrooms – Video Guide

It is a long and perhaps even tedious process in which you may get stuck with some of the requirements or ingredients, so we leave you this SuperParent video guide in which you can check the exact places that we have indicated in the previous section

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