House Party Items Locations

House Party Items Locations

Last Updated on 30 May, 2023

House Party Items Locations – The location of every available item of the game, and also quick tips to get it or use it if needed

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House Party Items Locations – Entrance

Entrance items location: MP3 Player

  • MP3 Player: Hanging from chandelier > Use the broom or thow the d*ldo at it

House Party Items Locations – Living Room

Living room items location: Tablet, Media dock, Natty Lite, Coffee, Credit Card, Thermos, Empty Vodka bottle, Rum, Whack Spankiel’s, and also Cabernet

  • Tablet: In front of the TV
  • Media Dock: In front of the TV > Use it with the MP3
  • Natty Lite: Behind the chair
  • Coffee: On the table, next to Frank
  • Credit Card: Inside the Right Drawer > 1st item of the scavenger hunt
  • Thermos: Cabinet
  • Empty Vodka Bottle: Cabinet
  • Rum: Cabinet > Favorite drink of Katherine
  • Whack Spankiel’s: Cabinet
  • Cabernet: Cabinet

House Party Items Locations – Kitchen

Kitchen items location: Popcorn, Mug, Kettle, Salami, Soda, Whipped cream and also spoon

  • Popcorn: Closed Self near to the slide door
  • Mug: Open shelf near the slide door > Use it with water and chocolate to make hot chocolate
  • Kettle: Closed pantry next to the fridge > put on the stove and fill it with coffee
  • Salami: Fridge > For Katherine
  • Soda: Fridge > For Ashley
  • Whipped Cream: Inside the fridge, behind the potatoes > For Stephanie
  • Spoon: Top of the microwave

House Party Items Locations – Chimney Room

Chimney room room items location: Foam finger, Mysterious key, Natty lite and also right speaker

  • Foam Finger: Behind the left speaker > Use it with penguin
  • Mysterious key: On the chimney > Lock master bedroom
  • Natty Lite: Behind right speaker
  • Right Speaker:

House Party Items Locations – Garage

Garage items location: Cell phone jammer, Bathroom skeleton key, Natty lite and also Orange bin

  • Cell Phone Jammer: Desk next to the socket strip > to cancel all cell phone signals
  • Bathroom Skeleton Key: Shelf behind the TV of chimney room > To lock bathrooms (all)
  • Natty Lite: Above Motor oil
  • Orange bin: Below motor oil > Contains the Goodbye Kitty underwear (Madison)

House Party Items Locations – Garden

Garden items location: Red flower and also Fast food bag

  • Red Flower: Path right before the pavillion > turn it blue with the blue hair dye and give it to Ashley
  • Fast Food Bag: Wall behind the chimney and next to the air conditioning > to calm Stephanie

House Party Items Locations – Ground level Bathroom

Ground Level Bathroom items location: Towel

  • Towel: Left to the sink > give it to Ashley after Madison spills the beer

House Party Items Locations – Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom items location: Natty Lite, Camera, Gastronomy book, Laxatives and also Madison’s diary

  • Natty Lite: shelf parallel to bathroom and closet
  • Camera: Table next to TV > Use it with SD card
  • Gastronomy Book: Table next to TV > It reveals the safe combination to get Madison’s Diary
  • Laxatives: closet, in the shelf directly next to the door
  • Madison’s diary: back of the closet, in the safe > get the combination of the safe from the gastronomy book

House Party Items Locations – Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom items location: Blue hair dye, gur grip, Madison’s phone and also Painkillers

  • Blue Hair Dye: Sink > Use it with the red flower
  • Gut grip: Next to the toilet > For Stephanie
  • Madison’s phone: Left of the sink > Use it for the beer accident or to blackmail Madison
  • Painkillers: shelf behind the opened door > For Patrick

House Party Items Locations – Painting Room

Painting room items location: Broom

  • Broom: In the closet to the left > use it to set up the speaker (behind the pool)

Item Location – Laundry Room

Laundry room items location: Chadornnay

  • Chardonnay: in the utility closet

Item Location – Study Room

Study room items location: Chocolate bar, flask, Natty Lite, Paper, SD Card and also USB stick

  • Chocolate bar: Shelf left to Britney > Use it with mug and water
  • Flask: inside right drawer on the table right to Britney
  • Natty Lite under the left drawer of the desk right to Britney > Use C to crouch
  • Paper: left to the laptop on the table > Use it with Pencil and Gastronomy book
  • SD Card: right to the laptop on the table > Use it with camera
  • USB Stick: inside the closet on top of the safe

Item Location – Upstairs Bathroom

Upstairs bathroom items location: Natty Lite

  • Natty Lite: behind the laundry box behind the entry door

Item Location – Skybed room

Skybed room items location: Pencil, Whale poster and also Pink d+ldo

  • Pencil:  table below the sky bed behind the ladder > Use it with paper and Gastronomy book
  • Whale poster:  (left to the entry door > Use it with rusty penguin
  • Pink d*ldo:  under the pillow > Use it with rusty penguin

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