House Party A Vickie Vixen Valentine

House Party A Vickie Vixen Valentine Guide

Last Updated on 30 May, 2023

House Party A Vickie Vixen Valentine Guide & Walkthrough – Complete all the opportunities and unlock all the scenes

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House Party A Vickie Vixen Valentine Guide – Meeting Up With Vickie

  • Hey, yeah definitely
  • Nar the bushes: Ask Vickie where she is at > Valentine’s date, yeah?
  • Inspect the gutter and climb it (to the right of the entrance door to the house)

House Party A Vickie Vixen Valentine Guide – Shake, Shake, Shake Senora

  • Downstairs > You’re crazy, Vickie > unlock slider door > Speaking of cats
  • Inventory > Shake Carnip > Living room > Interact with the picture of the cat > Shake Catnip again
  • Kitchen: Open the cabinet (above the microwave) > get the Allergy medication from the floor
  • Knock Master Bedroom (upstairs) > allergy pills and open door

Treasure Grove

  • Closet > talk > That’s kind of silly but ok > Talk to Vickie > You know this is Madison’s room
  • Follow her > So…how many films have you been in > Wait > Inventory > Check Ashley’s phone texts and messages
  • Talk to Vickie: Quick, I need your tiny hands!
  • Garage: Inspect the Stash box (orange bin on the bottom shelf) > Use Key + Stash Box > You go first > Inventory > Consume Chocolate Bar > Talk to Vickie

Studio Audience

  • Vickie: Why’s that? > How do we play? > Seems like a cheap > Wait, wait! I need to use
  • Read the cover of the dvd under the tv > Open the DVD
  • Master Bedroom: Ashley’s Phone > Check Texts twice > Check underneath the bed

Never Have I Ever & Scene

  • Family Room: Play with Vickie
    • Come from a military family
    • Who in your family was
    • Starred in a film called “Gothic
    • There’s a way we could
  • Follow Her
  • Approach her
  • Remove your clothes
  • You have reached the final scene, from here you decide

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