House Party Date Night With Brittney Guide

House Party Date Night With Brittney

Last Updated on 30 May, 2023

House Party Date Night With Brittney Guide & Walkthrough – Complete all the opportunities and unlock all the scenes

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House Party Date Night With Brittney Guide – Every Nook and Crannie

  • Oogle Brittney: Inspect Computer (Family room) and check Brittney’s profile > Inspect the liquor cabinet > Tell Britney a safe compliment > Turn off the speaker (living room)
  • Talk: Any chance this place is haunted > You knew about him? > You know it. I’ll get
  • Outside > Talk to Patrick > What website > I can’t say I’m too familiar > Alright, you’ve hooked me > I don’t know, man > Alright, I’m in
  • Tablet – Family Room under TV: Inspect the recipe > Use the Flashn’Dash app > Take it and give it to Brittney > Is there anything I can do > I was born

House Party Date Night With Brittney Guide – Deliver Us From Homecooked Evil

  • Talk to Patrick: Alright, I need to call > Say I wanted to get out
  • Garage: Take the Michelin Motor Oil (storage rack)
  • Kitchen > Stove > Sabotage with Oil > Wait > Damn…but you worked so hard
  • Living Room: Use the Flashn’Dash app on Brittney’s phone > Hey, we had a cooking disaster

House Party Date Night With Brittney Guide – Turn Up the Heat

  • Brittney: You’re definitely more than > off-color joke > Talk > Lean In > I think we should head > Sorry for letting things
  • Patrick: Brittney’s giving me the cold
  • Family Room: Search for Patrick on the computer & listen podcast
  • Patrick: A little bird told me
  • Brittney: What if I tell you..I found Patrick > follow her

Turn the Tables & Scene

  • Brittney: Plan > I don’t think Patrick is > The pictures were going > Hell f***in’ yeah > But the key to the > Click on Brittney > Inquire
  • Patrick: Alright, I need to call > Have you seen the liquor
  • Gazebo: Lift the cushion on the comfy chair
  • Family Room: Unlock the liqor cabinet and get Whack Spankiel’s
  • Patrick: Give him the whisky > Wait > Talk to patrick > Wait for Brittney
  • Take a photo of Patrick (with his phone) > Upload the photo
  • You have reached the final scene, from here you decide

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