House Party Katherine Walkthrough Guide

House Party Katherine Walkthrough Guide

Last Updated on 30 May, 2023

Welcome to House Party Katherine Walkthrough Guide, where we will provide you all the steps, tips and secrets to complete Katherine’s story and scenes

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House Party Katherine Walkthrough Guide – Requirements:

  • Camera: Master Bedroom > Shelf
  • SD Card: Study room > Laptop
  • Empty vodka bottle: Frank > Shelf, but before take it, tell him. And once you have it, use it with the faucet (kitchen, next to the stove)
  • Salami: Kitchen > Fridge (out)
  • Cell phone jammer: Garage > Desk
  • Mysterious key: Room where Stephanie dances > Top of the chimney, but you can’t be spotted by Derek or Madison

House Party Katherine Walkthrough Guide – Step by Step

Going for Katherine 1/4

  • Meet Katherine, she could be in the kitchen but also outside
  • Tell her: “we use the word “need” outside its intended purpose”, ask her why is she looking at her phone, “who could ever be mean to her”, ask her for a drink, and finally ask her what drink she lines
  • Ask Frank if he is going to guard the alcohol all night and what he thinks about Katherine
  • Go with Katherine, select all the options, but not the one with glasses
  • Talk to Frank: You were chatting with Katherine, then accept the tople*ss pic

Going for Katherine 2/4

  • Talk to Katherine: Inform about the deal
  • Turn on the cell phone jammer in front of her, she won’t see ou
  • Wait and follow her to the master bedroom
  • Turn off the cell phone jammer and ask her about taking a picture
  • Tell her: first to strip off (choose both options), and then to pick a pose, but pick the camera so you can take at least 1 photo. When you have your photo, tell her to take a break
  • Give the camera to Frank and also take the rum (cabinet)

Going for Katherine 3/4

  • Give the rum to Katherine and ask about 100% chance to…
  • Press the key “P” in front of her, but then walk around every character in the party

Going for Katherine 4/4

  • Talk to Katherine (twice) about the deal
  • Go with her to the master bedroom and give her the salami
  • Leave the room, she will get naked, but if not try to lock the door go out and come back
  • Give her the bottle of water, press “Y” 4 times, and enjoy

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