House Party Brittney Walkthrough Guide

House Party Brittney Walkthrough guide

Last Updated on 30 May, 2023

Welcome to House Party Brittney Walkthrough Guide, where we will provide you all the steps, tips and secrets to complete Brittney’s story and scenes

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House Party Brittney Walkthrough Guide – Requirements:

  • Amy’s walkthroug: Follow the walkthrough untill the last step, Chasing Amy
  • Speaker: Chimney room (left to the chimney)
  • Whipped creat: Fridge (out)
  • Thermostat: Just use it
  • Skeleton key: Garage > shelf
  • Broom: Painting room > Closet
  • Wine bottle: Laundry room > closet

House Party Brittney Walkthrough Guide – Step by Step

Going for Brittney 1/3

  • Talk to Stephanie: “she looks like she is having a lot of fun”,  offer her some whip its and giver the whipped cream
  • Ask her to dance topl*ess
  • Talk to Patrick: “he should watch out for Frank” and ask about the wine bottle
  • Talk to Frank: “Patrick hides some alcohol from him”
  • Take the bottle of wine (Patrick left it) and give both bottles to Stephanie, then ask her again to dance
  • Ask Brittney: “whether she is okay and whether she is kidding”, come back with her and tell her: “here are you all by yourself”, come back with her again and tell her that “Stephanie is dancing topl*ess downstairs”
  • Go behind the pool and use the broom with the mount of dirt, then use the broom with the speaker and finally turn on the speaker
  • Talk to Stephanie: “you set up a speaker outside near the hot tub”, and when she goes outside to dance offer her to relax there
  • She will get into the pool, then tell Amy about Brittney’s underwear

Going for Brittney 2/3

  • Go with Amy and check the scavenger hunt list
  • Ask Madison about Goodbye Kitty Underwear, “our sister is a huge fan and that she will be glad to hear she’s not the only fan in town.”
  • Take the goodbye Kitty underwear (orange box) and give it to Amy

Going for Brittney 3/3

  • Check the list again with Amy
  • Go to the pool and ask Brittney about Amy, bet she can get her nak*ed into the pool
  • Talk to Amy, tell about the deal and ask her to go to the pool with you
  • Go to the Hot Tube and, keep your boxers, but nothing else
  • Ask Amy: First truth or dare, then “she ever had something with another woman” and finally “who she wants to see na*ked at this party”
  • Ask Brittney: First truth or dare, then “she has kissed another woman” and finally about her secret crash
  • Dare Brittney to take of her top and also her pant*ies, then do the same with Amy
  • Take off your boxers, sit, and ask Amy to take a picture, finally ask Amy “hy she left the pool so quick” and tell her “it is right if she enjoys it and that she should not listen to the voice in her head.”

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