House Party Madison Walkthrough Guide

House Party Madison Walkthrough Guide
House Party Madison Walkthrough Guide

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Welcome to House Party Madison Walkthrough Guide, where we will provide you all the steps, tips and secrets to complete Madison’s story and scenes

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House Party Madison Walkthrough Guide – Requirements:

  • Madisons phone: Master bathroom > left to the faucet
  • Pencil: Skybed room > desk
  • Paper: Study room > Laptop
  • Towel: Downstairs > bathroom
  • Soda: Fridge
  • Mysterious key: Room where Stephanie dances > Top of the chimney, but you can’t be spotted by Derek or Madison
  • Laxatives: Master Bedroom > Closet
  • Foam Finger: left speaker (behind)

House Party Madison Walkthrough Guide – Full

Going for Madison 1/2

  • Talk to Madison: “She is doing fine, brownie points are the way bakers keep score, goodbye”
  • Talk to Ashley: “Hotter than Madison, you can see resemblance between them” and also give her the phone
  • Ask her: “what if it was Madison’sphone, you are intrigued and she can count you in”
  • Give her Madison’s Diary: Master bedroom > desk with a mirror > use with: Gastronomy book, paper and pencil > Open the safe, get the diary, and finally give it to Ashley
  • Go to a private place, open your inventory (“I”), and finally select Calendar

Going for Madison 2/2

  • Give Madison’s phone to Madison, ask for the reward and also accept to humiliate Ashley
  • Talk to Ashley: Ask her why she is distracted, how can you help with the beer accident, and give her the towel
  • Offer to wash her clothes
  • Go with her to the skybed room, close the door and offer her to wash her clothes
  • Wash her clothes (laundry room)
  • Use the laxatives with the soda, but in somewhere private
  • Give the tampered soda (laxatives + soda) and also lock all the bathrooms

House Party Madison Walkthrough Guide – Fast Method

Going for Madison 1/3

  • Inspect the Painting you will find upstairs, in the painting room
  • Talk to Madison: “She is doing fine, brownie points are the way bakers keep score, goodbye”
  • Then talk to everybody else until Madison approaches
  • Ask her (you have many questions): “who taught her and what her sky animal is”

Going for Madison 2/3

  • When Madison Laughed at Ahsley ask her about the art studio
  • Then tell her: ” she is individualistic, volunteer as a tribute” also state you are on it
  • Ask her: “what kind of art she wants to see”
  • Put Ashley’s clothes into the dryer (there are in the washer)
  • Inspect the penguin (garage)
  • Give the clothes to Ashley (there are in the dryer)
  • When she is clothed, ask her about the penguin and also what was offering Mr D*ck
  • Go to the skybed and take out the whale poster and also the pink dil*do (under the pillow)
  • Go to the garage and there use the penguin with di*ldo, whale poster and foam finger
  • In the Master bedroom use the penguin with the dresser (below the TV)
  • Talk to Madison about your creation and wait her in the master bedroom (if she doesn’t come get closer to the penguin) for a long conversation
  • Talk to Patrick, talk to him again and finally escort him to Stephanie

Going for Madison 3/3

  • Talk to Derek (upstairs)
  • Talk to Frank: “he can find Derek” and also ask him for the cat
  • Ask Stephanie: Derek and also the cat picture
  • Move aside the Cat Picture (dresser, close to the slider door)
  • Play the recorder (inventory), but use it again and now select Loop. Then use the window of the painting room with the recorder (Derek will appear, wait him)
  • Lock the window and wait Madison, ask her “what animal” tell her you are ready, but don’t dare her to look at you
  • Press “Y” and choose lay down and then kneel, but then ask her why?
  • Press “1” but make sure not to finish untill the painting of a penguin appears on the canvas
  • Put on your boxers and get close to the painting, wait Madison and follow her to the master bedroom. Get close to her, accept to take a look at her art, and finally enjoy

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