House Party Liz Katz Guide & Walkthrough

House Party Liz Katz Guide & Walkthrough - First Steps, All the Clues and, Vent Puzzle Solution and Ending

Last Updated on 30 May, 2023

House Party Liz Katz Guide & Walkthrough – First Steps, All the Clues and, Vent Puzzle Solution and Ending

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House Party Liz Katz Guide & Walkthrough – First Steps

These are the people you need to talk to and the conversations you need to have to progress through the first part of the party.

  1. Derek: Thanks for inviting me to the party – Rough week? – Is everything ok? – Sounds good buddy.
  2. Stephanie: Nice to meet you, Stephanie – I’ll see you arround, Stephanie.
  3. Patrick: See you around, Patrick.
  4. Ashley: Ashley! So are you the Co-Host of this party? – See you later Ashley.
  5. Rachael: Nice to meet you, Rachael – Well pick this up later, I’ve gotta run.
  6. Madison: Tanks for letting me come! – You’re doing fine – Its how bakers keep score! – Yeah most definitely.
  7. Frank: I’m completely sober!
  8. Katherine: We use the word “Need” outside of its intended purpose – Always a pleasure Katherine.
  9. Leah: See Ya arround, Leah.
  10. Amy: Hey Amy, Nice to meet you – See you Amy.
  11. Brittney: Ciao Bella

House Party Liz Katz Guide & Walkthrough – Chest Key

These are the steps to get the chest key of her room (art room upstairs)

  • Talk to Liz Katz and wait for a 2nd conversation: That’s a wonderful trunk you have > I was wondering about that cool trunk you brought > It appears big enough to accommodate a corpse in > I’ll be your audience > Perhaps we met tonight by chance.
  • Then talk to her again: Ask me anything to strengthen your relationship > I’d f*ck the man in the hockey mask > Ask Me Anything Again > Definitely Deadpool, So, you don’t like older men?
  • A new conversation with her: I hear you’re a cosplayer? > Is that a profession? I’m sure it’s a lot of work, but it’s impressive! I stan > When she speaks to you, make a firm decision.
  • Now you have the key

House Party Liz Katz Guide & Walkthrough – Clues

These are the steps to get the chest key of her room (art room upstairs)

  • Art room upstairs > Inspect the chest > use the flashlight (inventory) > Fill it in while holding down the right mouse button
  • Garage (downstairs) > reset the breaker panel > pick the hammer off the ground and place it next to the orange box > Open the door with the hammer > do the same with the freezer > notice Patrick’s head on the ground.
  • Talk to Liz Katz: So you’re not one of your murder mysteries?, Okay, Liz, I believe you…
  • Garage: push the orange box to the left of the penguin, inspect the vent
  • Notify Liz Katz: “we can throw it in the dryer” > Close the door to the washing room and speak with her
  • Clue 1: use the hammer in the laundry
  • Inspect Clue 1, and retrieve Patrick’s Head from the dryer
  • Garden: Locate Ac Unit, then click the knife and inspect
  • Talk to Liz Katz and follow her
  • Talk to her again, then to Ashley and Madison (about the clue)
  • Clue 2: Go to AC Unit with them > take this knife and hammer on the ac unit > inspect clue 2
  • Talk to Liz Katz:  You want to go check out that vent in the garage with me? > it looks like there’s something in the vent here, but the cover is jammed shut
  • Clue 3: click air vent use with hammer > Inspect Clue 3
  • Examine and take the notebook from close to the blue sofa in the main room
  • Talk about it with Liz Katz
  • Notice the figures in the notepad > Discuss Patrick’s notebook with everyone before heading to Brittney > So, how are you doing?
  • Talk to Liz Katz about the invitation > Same witn Katherine: I have a buddy who has locked themself out of an internet account > Follow her and give her your instagram id > talk about the invitation with Liz
  • Go outside and pound the bag down with a hammer: What is brahd mode, and how do I enable it? – Okay, I’ll give it my best attempt.
  • Click on the bag in your inventory to access the secret options
  • Should be: flick bo*b – flick b*ob – squeeze b*ob – squeeze b*ob – pinch b*ob – pinch b*ob – twist b*ob – lick b*ob – suck b*ob.
  • Last choice: All your bo*bs are mine > enter VR with Liz
  • Patrick: Patrick, all we need to know is who killed you and why
  • Liz: Talk to Liz about the clues on the back of the pillow, the blueprint, and the magazine > Is there anything else here? OH HELL YES! > Inspect Clue 5
  • Liz: always the 1st choice until you can choose Do you have any excellent suggestions for how we can remove the killer from the ventilation system?
  • Take the broom from the cabinet (art room) > Take the dusty penguin (garage) > take the matchbox (living room > near the speaker) > Find the AC Unit (garden)
  • Use: Broom + Ac Unit > Penguin + Broom > Matchbox + Penguin
  • Liz will kiss you > Talk about forcing the killer with Frank, Leah, Madison, and Ashley

Vent Puzzle Solution and Ending

The last step is a puzzle, check the solution in this short video from CL

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