How To Block in Forspoken?

how to block in forspokenhow to block in forspoken

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

How To Block In Forspoken – Do you want to know how to Block in Forspoken? To learn how, consult this guide.

You will face numerous enemies and bosses while playing as Frey in Forspoken. Meanwhile, your Cuff (the source of Frey’s power) will provide you with constant assistance. From breathtaking parkour skills to devastating magical spells, this game promises an exciting journey. There will be times when you feel the need to Block the incoming strikes during battle. But how is this even possible? There is no dedicated button for this. If you’re looking for an answer to this question, this guide is all you need. Continue reading to learn how to Block in Forspoken.

How To Block In Forspoken – Steps To Block

Surprisingly, there is no dedicated button in this game for blocking an incoming enemy strike. Fortunately, Frey’s Cuff automatically blocks the attack, reducing the damage. Don’t worry, in Forspoken, there is another way to perfectly block an attack. The Shield Slot Spell must be unlocked. The Shield Slot is a Purple Magic Spell or Frey’s Magic that falls under the category of Offensive.

Simply equip the Shield Slot spell on the magic triangle at the bottom right. After that, hold the R2 button to summon a black shield. Meanwhile, if you hold R2, the Shield will be active and will block all attacks in Forspoken. When you release the R2 button, the Shield explodes forward into pieces.

Aside from blocking, you can also counter an enemy’s attacks. All you have to do is wait for the enemy to strike and then press the Triangle button on the controller to counter the attack. It is advantageous because it not only knocks back the enemy but also regenerates health to some extent.

That’s all there is to blocking in Forspoken. Check out our other Forspoken Guides on Mejoress while you’re here.

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