Kamado Project Slayers – Guide

Kamado Project Slayers - Guide

Last Updated on 13 September, 2022

Kamado Project Slayers – Guide. The best clan in Project Slayers: Kamado clan: Tier, Perks & Bonuses, and some videos, stay tuned!

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Kamado Project Slayers – Tier

The following article is a small guide about the most important clan in Project Slayers, the Kamado clan is the most important.

Tier S

Obviously, if you are lucky enough to belong to one this clan, we recommend that you do not change.

  • Kamado > Chance: 0.1% > Type: Supreme
    • Slayers increase breathing bar regeneration
    • Sun Breathing as a sub breathing
    • Demons: sunlight immunity
    • HP regeneration skill
    • 2x Stamina Regeneration

Perks & Bonuses

Tier S

  • Kamado > Chance: 0.1% > Type: Supreme
    • +3 Sword
    • +3 Strength
    • +3 Weapon
    • +125 Stamina
    • +140 Health
    • +3 Block Bar

It is very difficult to get the Kamado clan, but if you accumulate between 100 and 150 spins, you will be able to make several spins in a row and it is possible that the Kamado clan will not come out, but surely a Mythic clan will come out.

When you have spent several spins, wait a few days and keep accumulating several more spins to be able to do them all in a row, and pray that you have a lot of luck and you get some legendary clan.


Kamado is a supreme clan which provides many positive benefits, there are several positive aspects that it has, in addition to some spectacular benefits, such as:

  • Faster regeneration for your breath bar.
  • Ability Resistance to pain.
  • Prevents players from slowing down when their health is low.
  • Indomitable Will can be activated (weakens nearby players for 20-30 seconds).
  • 5% movement speed.
  • Ability to see the HP of other players’ items.

If you are a demon (being a member of Kamado)

  • Players cannot be damaged by sunlight when not wearing a straw hat.
  • The clan has the Regeneration skill: you can regenerate HP in exchange for a slight stamina loss.
  • Demon Kamado also gain double stamina regeneration.

This video is a Youtuber how get Kamado in Project Slayers, the best clan Kamado, (thanks to luckylof!)


Spins to choose a new Clan

It is easy to try to select a new clan, the only thing we will have to do is follow these simple steps that we add below:

  1. Launch the game Project Slayers
  2. Access to customize your player
  3. On the bottom right, you will have a section that puts your name and the clan to which you belong
  4. Press “Spin” in case you want to enter a new clan

Here you can check where is ubicated

Project Slayers Clan List Spins to choose a new Clan

Kamado Project Slayers – Mobile

If you are a mobile player, nothing better than seeing on the screen so that you must press for each action you want to perform. So we leave you this video of Conseptal

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