Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location

Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location

Last Updated on 13 September, 2022

Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location – When & where to find him, all the locations and how to complete his quest

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Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location – How to Find Muzan

To find Muzan you need to know when and where to look for him, and make sure to bring him a hostage for a part of the quest

When to find Muzan?

Muzan only appears at night, so don’t waste time looking for him during the day

Where to find Muzan?

Muzan has set spawn locations around the map so you’ll be able to find him in one of his several spots randomly each night. But if you want a recommendation do the following:

  • Launch the game, join a server and teleport to Butterfly Mansion via the Horse Guy
  • Try to find him at the locations (check the video for locations)
  • If you don’t find him there leave the game, join a new server and try again ((in a maximum of three attempts you should get it)

Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location – Video Guide

We leave you this video guide of Yahboi ABE with all the possible spawn points of Muzan:

Project Slayers Muzan Spawn Location – Quest

If you want to find Muzan it is probably because you want to do the quest to become a demon, so we will explain what to do once you find him:

  • To finish the quest you must collect 5 blue flower lilies (check video guide below for locations)
  • And carry Doctor Higoshima to muzan. Higoshima is located inside a house near Kiribating village.
  • Once you’re done you will recive a vial of muzan blood and you use it in order to become a demon. There is a chance for the transformation to fail, requiring you to redo the quest all over again.

We leave you this SlickBeWildin video guide with the best method to find the x5 Blue Flower Lily you need:

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