Project Slayers How to PVP

Project Slayers How to PVP

Last Updated on 13 September, 2022

Project Slayers How to PVP – Small and short guide to know how to play PvP in the famous game Project Slayers, enter and read


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Project Slayers How to PVP

To be able to play in the PvP mode, you must follow the following steps, they are easy and simple, but they may be useful to you:

  1. Open Project Slayer game on your usual device
  2. On the main screen, select your character that you want to play in PVP
  3. In the next menu that will appear, click on the down arrow or the up arrow until the word HUB appears
  4. Within the HUB menu, you can choose to make a party to enter a PVP battle with friends or a PVP battle against other teams
  5. Do PVP in 1v1 mode: press queue button (without joining a party)

We hope that these simple steps will clarify how you can play in PVP mode in Project Slayers, if you have any additional questions, please leave a comment in the comment area within the article.

If you are a novice in RPG type games, we recommend that you follow each step of this small guide; It is also possible that you have never played a similar game within Roblox, so this little guide will help you a lot to know how to become a good player.

Project Slayers How to PVP – About

Project slayer is a game made by ouw0pp and his dev team.

The game is based on the demon slayer series by Koyoharu Gotouge. The game is non-canon and has its own characters, and not everything will be based off demon slayer if there is no material to use.

Source: Trello

Project Slayers How to PVP – Mobile

If you are a mobile player, nothing better than seeing on the screen so that you must press for each action you want to perform. So we leave you this video of Conseptal

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