Project Slayers Final Selection Guide

Project Slayers Final Selection

Last Updated on 13 September, 2022

Project Slayers Final Selection Guide – Requirements, Location, Start Times and Quest guide – all the steps to become a demon slayer


To become a demon slayer you must first get a breathing style (optional) at lvl 12+ at any of the trainers, then once you become lvl 15+ you are able to do the Final Selection. Which will happen at set times during the day which are labeled at the location.

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Project Slayers Final Selection Guide – Location

The Final Selection is the southernmost point of interest on the map, so you pretty much have to traverse the entire map if you find yourself in the initial spawn. You can check the exact location here > Map

If you have 1,200 Wen or more, you can use the Fast Travel option. From the inventory you open the map and buy the fast travel option for 1200 wen, once equipped you talk to any horse NPC, which you can find on the outskirts of almost every village

Project Slayers Final Selection Guide – Start Times

Before making the trip or using fast travel, keep in mind that the quest to become a Slayer can only be done at 4 times of the day

  • 6 am est
  • 11 am est
  • 4 pm est
  • 10 pm est

If you are not sure what time is EST in your country or city, you just have to google 6am est and your city, and it will tell you what time 6am is equivalent to in your city

Project Slayers Final Selection Guide – Quests

There are x7 Quest to complete inside the Final Selection:

  • 1st Quest – Talk to beth: Just Talk to Beth
  • 2nd Quest – Find beth’s katana: Upstairs > turn right after the hill > Near a tree
  • 3rd Quest – Take care of sakurai demons
  • 4th Quest – Find Ouwbae’s food
  • 5th Quest – Help brandon (Defeat 7 Yowai demons)
  • 6th Quest – Help many (Defeat 5 Heikin demons)
  • 7th Quest – Help Steve (Defeat Hand demon)

Most of the quests are self-explanatory, but in case you need help with any of them, we leave you this Xorify video guide

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