Usable Items in Project Slayers

Usable Items in Project Slayers

Last Updated on 13 September, 2022

Usable Items in Project Slayers – Easy & Small guie about how all usable items in Project Slayers, stay tuned and check them

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Usable Items in Project Slayers

Here you can see the item list to use in Project Slayers, these objects are very varied and diverse which will help you to achieve various goals and objectives in Project Slayers


As you travel around the map you can unlock different locations for fast travel or instant travel, the points you unlock for fast travel also show the direction on the map, so use them!

How to use fast travel

The first thing you should do is unlock points across the map, once you have unlocked enough, approach an NPC with a horse, talk to the NPC and you will see a list of locations to perform the instant teleport.

How do you buy map points?

You can buy map points through Wen or Robux.


The bandages are very simple to use and are used to heal your fist, in the event that your fist is at maximum life, the bandage will heal you, but always remember that the first thing to heal will be the fist.

The location to buy bandage at is Kiribating Village (starting town) and you must talk to Rina

How long do bandages heal?

  • 15 HP > as basic heal
  • Like we said before, bandages heal fist durability

The bandages will be very useful to heal you in combat both at the beginning of the game and once you get into the game (that is, when you have a higher level)

Bandages Price

Bandages cost 69 Wen each bandage

Fishing Rod

As is logical, the rod will serve you to fish in the rivers of Project Slayers

Where to get the Fishing Rod?

Mark can sells you a Fishing Rod for 2500 Wen > This Npc is located in Ushumaru Village

Mark also can buys some Fish from you, when you fish them, here you have prices:

  • Red Fish-$90
  • Carp-$180
  • Salmon-$300

Fishing is a good way to earn additional money in Project Slayers, so we advise you to fish a bit, since little by little you are earning money to be able to buy better weapons and interesting objects.

Use the white circle, you must click on said circle to be able to increase the yellow bar in the blue area to successfully do the fishing minigame, here you have a video to know how to do it (thanks to Yeseo Katsu)


Demon Horns

A single horn is dropped upon killing a demon, so to get demon horns, you must defeat demons

What are Demon Horns used for?

They are used to purchase Claws with 250 demon horns


Elixir’s are potions you can find from boss chests or purchased from Mercy, they provide benefits depending on what the potion is.

Stamina Potion

  • Stamina potions Give you 25% of your stamina back
  • They also give you 20% Regen rate

How to obtain

  • Stamina potions can be purchased for 250 Wen each.
  • Stamina potions can also be dropped by any boss.
  • Drop Rate
  • 70%

Regeneration Potion


  • Regeneration potions give you a 10x buff to your health regen.
  • Regeneration potions also give you 15% regen rate.

How to obtain

  • Regeneration Potions can be purchased for 300 Wen each.
  • Stamina potions can also be dropped by any boss.
  • Drop Rate:
  • 70%



  • Health potions give you 15% of your health back.
  • Health potions also give you 20% heal rate.

How to obtain

  • Health potions can be purchased for 300 Wen each.
  • Health potions can also be dropped
  • Drop Rate
  • 70%

Usable Items in Project Slayers – About

Project slayer is a game made by ouw0pp and his dev team.

The game is based on the demon slayer series by Koyoharu Gotouge. The game is non-canon and has its own characters, and not everything will be based off demon slayer if there is no material to use.

Source: Trello

Usable Items in Project Slayers – Mobile

If you are a mobile player, nothing better than seeing on the screen so that you must press for each action you want to perform. So we leave you this video of Conseptal

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