How to Become Demon in Project Slayers?

How to Become Demon in Project Slayers

Last Updated on 13 September, 2022

How to Become Demon in Project Slayers – Unlock Demon Race, Demon Progression & FAQ (Benefits and weaknesses)

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How to Become Demon in Project Slayers – Unlock Demon Race

You must find muzan in the random spots each night and be a human lvl 15+ and take the Muzan’s quest.

To complete Muzan’s quest: collect 5 blue flower lilies. And carry Doctor Higoshima to muzan. Higoshima is located inside a house near Kiribating village. Use the vial of muzan blood in order to become a demon. If the transformation doesn’t work repeat Muzan’s quest and try again

Muzan Location

Muzan has set spawn locations around the map so you’ll be able to find him in one of his several spots randomly each night. You’ll have to bring him a hostage for a part of the quest. So if you don’t bring it in the same night you’ll have to find him in another location.

How to Become Demon in Project Slayers – Demon Progression

There are 3 demon levels, and to level up all you have to do is farm (consume) souls. All NPCs will give you souls, but you will get faster progress for souls from

  • Mizunoto (at Butterfly Mansion) = x1 progression point
  • Human & Slayer players = x5 progression points

So that you know what awaits you every time you level up

  1. Weak Demon – Level 1: +15 hp, +1 strength, +5 BDA spins
  2. Strong Demon – Level 2: +30 hp, +2 strength, +10 BDA spins
  3. Really Strong Demon – Level 3: +45 hp, +3 strength, +15 BDA spins

How to Become Demon in Project Slayers – FAQ

1-  The bad part of being a demon is that the sunlight kills you, although there are 3 ways to avoid it:

  • Use a hat
  • Hide in the shadows
  • Have kamado

2- Benefits

  • Demon’s also gain the ability to block blade attacks (as long as its not empty) indicated with a purple bar
  • You will be able to use certain clan skills like Demon heal for example
  • And to also do demon quests given by Muzan (it will be in your hotbar)

3- Claws vs Katanas: Claws are a very strong weapon, even compared to katanas

Demon vs Slayer

No race is better than another, each has its advantages. But in case you want to compare them, these are the advantages of being a Slayer:

  • Slayer’s will get a Crow (it will be in your hotbar) which allow them to do slayer quests.
  • You will be able to use certain clan skills like Godspeed for example
  • Be able to swag out in slayer corp uniforms
  • Other exclusive stuff will come in future updates

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