MHR Sunbreak Prized Pelt (How To Get It)

mhr sunbreak prized pelt

Last Updated on 25 January, 2023

MHR Sunbreak Prized Pelt – See our guide to obtaining the Prized Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

The Monster Hunter Rise now has a number of new features and items thanks to the current expansion, Sunbreak. These include enemies, gameplay mechanics, and crafting materials. One of the materials used in the creation of various materials, weaponry, and armor is a coveted pelt. But where can I get this thing? For information on how to obtain a prized pelt in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, see our guide.

MHR Sunbreak Prized Pelt – How To Get It

Either Master Rank Anteka or Master Rank Kelbi must be defeated in order to get the prized pelt. To do it, you need complete Master Rank tasks in which you must hunt down these creatures.

To get the prized pelt, follow these steps:

  1. – While both of these creatures can be hunted for the Prized pelt, their drop rates differ.
  2. – Kelbi have a 30% drop rate if you find them. Aneka, on the other hand, has a 16% chance of dropping the Prized Pelt.
  3. – Kelbi can be found in the Shrine Ruins region.
  4. – You can fast travel to Sub-Camp 1 by passing through Sectors 11, 12, and 13.
  5. – We recommend looking for them in the uppermost areas of sectors 11 and 13.
  6. – If you’re looking for Anteka, you can find them in Area 1 at the Frost Islands.
  7. – However, because they have a lower chance of dropping the Prized pelt, we recommend going after the Kelbis.
  8. – You must carve them after you find them in order to obtain the Prized Pelt.

As previously stated, the Prized pelt can provide you with a variety of resources. Scroll down to the bottom to find its resources:

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Prized Pelt Uses

This item can be used as a crafting material to make the following gear:

  • Khezu Coil X
  • Leather Gloves X
  • Lagombi Helm X
  • Kadachi Greaves X
  • Hunter’s Helm X
  • Izuchi Coil X
  • Lagombi Coil X
  • Bone Vambraces X
  • Leather Headgear X
  • Volvidon Mail X
  • Hunter’s Greaves X

That’s all there is to know about obtaining the Prized Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Check out our other guides if you enjoyed this one.

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