Prison Architect Best Mods (2023)

Prison Architect Best Mods

Last Updated on 7 September, 2023

Prison Architect Best Mods – Star Wars, Deutsch, CCTV Camera, Basketball, Fallout, Warhammer, Papers Please, Simple Garden and more

Prison Architect Best Mods – Star Wars Imperial Architect Mod

Star Wars Imperial Architect is a fan made conversion mod that aims to reskin the entire Prison Architect experience into a Star Wars setting, allowing you to administrate (or escape from) the operations of an Imperial Detention Center located on a remote planet, complete with all the galactic scum and villainy you would expect.

Download the Star Wars Imperial Architect Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – Clearer Needs Icons Mod

A Simple graphics mod: The ‘needs’ icons have been made simpler and more distinct – so you can tell what those pesky prisoners are complaining about further away and quicker than before! Made with respect to default game aesthetic

Download the Clearer Needs Icons Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – Prison Architect auf Deutsch Mod

57.000+ Abonnenten auf Steam, 15.700+ externe Downloads, die meist genutzte Uebersetzung, seit Start in der Top3-Liste des Steam-Workshops und etliches Feedback von euch. Danke Leute! Ihr koennt euch sicher sein, dass ich dran bleibe!

Download the Prison Architect auf Deutsch Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – CCTV Camera Arrows Mod

Finally updated for the_glasshouse_1.02 r5352 B:56. This simple mod puts an arrow on the front of the CCTV cameras so they are easier to place in the correct direction. Apologies for the delays in update.

Download the CCTV Camera Arrows Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – Papers Please Mod

In this mod you are director of glorious Arstotzkan prison. Make prisoners collaborate with Ministry of Information and work hard for the glorious motherland. Based on game “Papers, Please!” by Lucas Pope. Thank him for this great game, all original graphic belong to him. This mod under development, currently it’s mostly retexture. Maybe I will add more gameplay changes later. Feel free to give some ideas in suggestions forum.

Download the Papers Please Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – Fallout Vault Mod

This is a texture mod that changes everything to a Fallout vault theme.

  • Starter Vault –This is a good start if you want to be “underground!”
  • Starter Vault (Large) –A larger version of the starter vault.
  • Ready Vault –This vault is already partially built, get a head start on running your own vault!

Download the Fallout Vault Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – Better Clock Mod

Are you tired of waiting for your prison to get built or you just want to skip the night?
Then this mod is for you!
This mod adds 2 new buttons to the clock:

  • “>>>>” Simulate your prison at x7 speed
  • “>>>>>” Simulate your prison at x10 speed

Keep in mind that your CPU must work harder to simulate the game at faster speeds so with big prisons you may not see any difference compared to x5 (>>>)!

Download the Better Clock Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – All-in-One Deluxe Edition Mod

  • Corrected many mistakes and errors in texts, images and configurations.
  • A lot of helpful information was added as tooltips. Many mysteries are revealed for you. So, you will no longer guess blindly or be misled by rumors around forums.
  • UI redesigned. I modified the layouts and elements of dialogues, especially Main Menu, Reports and Rapsheet tabs.
  • Room and need complaint icons are now in a modern style.
  • Many tweaks about materials, objects, grants, need providers. Made the game more realistic, reasonable and balanced.
  • Except very, very few ones, you will not need any more mod on Workshop. Everything is here. And better.
  • New tools, items, staffs and mechanics. I wrote nearly 10,000 lines of Lua script code.

Download the All-in-One Deluxe Edition Mod > Here

Prison Architect Best Mods – The Greater Reform Mod

The Greater Reform mod looks to add new gameplay features that improve and enhance your prison. Adding to the current list of reform programs you can finnd more ways to reduce reoffending rates and make more money within your prison.

Download the The Greater Reform Mod > Here

Basketball Mod

Adds the Basketball court and the Basketball League and Training Reform Program. Welcome to the slam! This mod takes care of Exercise needs and offers a real-time game!

The League offers 17 places for prisoners to exercise on a big court. The Training program offers 6 places on a half-court. Both Reform Progams can be scheduled outside of work and are managed by a Basketball Trainer who requires an office. Of course playing basketball is free.

Download the Basketball Mod > Here

Warhammer Prison: Going Red Mod

The Warhammer Prison Mod is back! After 4 years of great rest, return to punishing the heretics. If you are a skilled spriter who wants to improve parts of the mod, feel free to friend/message Freemankiller (make sure to write a comment!).

Download the Warhammer Prison: Going Red Mod > Here

Simple Garden Mod

Adds a garden to your prison to export food and flowers for more profit and work oppotunities

Download the Simple Garden Mod > Here

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