Wildermyth Best Mods (2024)

Wildermyth Best Mods

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Wildermyth Best Mods – Relationships, Hairs & Faces, Amor, Lregendary Weapons, Transformations, Campaign Variants and more

Wildermyth Best Mods – Love is in the Air Mod

This mod adds eight new encounters to the game, focusing on different stages of romance. If you feel your characters should have more opportunity to become romantic, or expand their romantic relationship, this is the mod for you. If you like the mod, please do give a thumbs-up so the mod will get a star rating.

Download the Love is in the Air Mod > Here

Wildermyth Best Mods – Ficeny’s Hair Pack Mod

Additional hairstyle options for customization! Feminine hair: 9 (suitable for the smaller head shapes), Masculine hair: 6 (suitable for the larger head shapes), Total: 15

Download the Ficeny’s Hair Pack Mod > Here

Wildermyth Best Mods – Expanded Items: Armors Mod

Adds 5 different armors per class, 3 tiers per armor – Mystic Armors, Hunter Armors, Warrior Armors – so 15 amors and 45 tiers

Download the Expanded Items: Armors Mod > Here

Wildermyth Best Mods – Evolving Relationships Mod

Evolving Relationships adds 8 new events (5 pre-battle, 2 while scouting, and 1 post-victory). Each event offers a possible shift in the relationship between two heroes, either due to circumstances they find themselves in, or due to their own physical characteristics. Also featuring personality-dependent dialogue, some transformation-dependent dialogue, and 3 follow-ups that can appear in the peacetime intervals between chapters!

Download the Evolving Relationships Mod > Here

Wildermyth Best Mods – 10,000 Faces of Wildermyth! Mod

Is there actually 10,000 faces? Yes, there in fact is WAY MORE than 10,000 combinations. In fact since more updates have come along with new eyes added, as well as other modders creating add-ons to 10,000 Faces of Wildermyth, the number is way larger now! I’m not willing to do the math, but there’s TONS of combinations!

This mod separates all of the facial features into their own categories such as; Eyes, Noses, Mouths. It then also expands on these options with new eyes that completely support expressions in game!

Download the 10,000 Faces of Wildermyth! Mod > Here

Wildermyth Best Mods – Legendary Weapons Mod

This mod adds four different multi-part quests into any campaign, each leading to discovery of a unique, legendary weapon. Solve the mystery of a skeleton key. Encounter some stone spirits and win their trust (or not). Meet a legendary hunter and help fill his trophy room. Find a way to defeat an invulnerable ghost and take his treasure.

Download the Legendary Weapons Mod > Here

Full Wolf Transformation Mod

Enables the wolf torso in the game for the wolf theme. You can acquire this part just like any other limb! Do note, if you do that all limbs will become wolf limbs. It be very strange to have a wolf torso with human arms and legs wouldn’t it? Think of it like embracing the beast right away should you get it as your option after your first chapter interval!

Download the Full Wolf Transformation Mod > Here

Procedural Campaign Variants Mod

Adds several variants of the Wildermyth 1.0 procedural campaigns, including seven-chapter campaigns and campaigns with more/fewer years of peace. The campaigns in this mod all use the mini chapter stories found in Wildermyth’s current procedural campaigns.

Download the Procedural Campaign Variants Mod > Here

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