Space Engineers Best Mods (2023)

Space Engineers Best Mods

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Space Engineers Best Mods – Water, Speed, Shield, Weapon Core, Star Trek Jump Drive, Craftable Consumables, Vanilla Blocks, Spider and more

Space Engineers Best Mods – Water Mod

This mod contains audio, splashing, bubbles, waves, underwater ambience, seagulls, fish, and much better simulation performance compared to older water mods.

Go to a planet and type /wcreate, should you not see water, set the radius with /wradius [radius]

Download the Water Mod: Here

Space Engineers Best Mods – Max Ship Speed Mod

A fully configurable Max Ship Speed mod, that allows you the player (or server administrator) to set the maximum ship speed for both small and large ships to any value you desire. You can also set an additional thrust boost that applies to all thrusters, allowing your ships to accelerate faster or slower

Download the Max Ship Speed Mod: Here

Space Engineers Best Mods – Speed Unlimited Mod

A max ship speed mod with a difference. It is custom skybox friendly. You can use it with any Skybox. It does not modify the Environment.sbc file, so any custom environment settings are safe. This one removes all the stops, and allows you to go as fast as the game allows. Maximum Small and Large ship speed are set to Half the Speed of Light

Download the Speed Unilimited Mod: Here

Space Engineers Best Mods – Defense Shield Mod

The vanilla damage system has changed and the new weapons were not doing damage. My Shields Mod has evolved along side my other WeaponCore project for years now and the list of features I cannot adequately is support in vanilla long. I have decided only minimal vanilla combat support will remain going forward. I will leave enough support in to allow shields protect grids from outside weapon fire, however that is extend of the functionality I will be supporting when using the vanilla combat system.

Download the Defense Shield Mod: Here

Space Engineers Best Mods – Energy Shield Mod

This mod adds fully functional shield generators to the game that protect the whole grid from incoming damage! You can also upgrade them with special modules to boost their stats, or change their stats through the config file to your taste

Download the Energy Shield Mod: Here

Space Engineers Best Mods – Weapon Core Mod

Weapon Core is a complete rewrite of Space Engineers combat system. The way combat works in this system is very different from Vanilla and many conventions that you are familiar with will be different.

This “mod” by itself does not add new weapons to the game, it is the framework (engine) by which other weapon mod authors may create pretty much any kind of weapon they can imagine.

Download the Weapon Core Mod: Here

Space Engineers Best Mods – Star Trek Jump Drive Lines Mod

This mod introduces Star Trek style Warp Lines to Jump Drives. You can use the following controls to set the warp effect colors (there is a cooldown of 2 seconds before you are allowed to click the button again):

Download the Star Trek Jump Drive Lines Mod: Here

Craftable Consumables Mod

A simple mod that enables you to build the consumables you can only purchase in the stock game. Great for if you want to forgo the whole economy thing, or just want a way for players on your server to keep their safe zones up and running easily.

Download the Craftable Consumables Mod: Here

Better Vanilla Blocks Mod

Doubles Grinders, Welders, Ore Detector and Drills range, working area or radius

Download the Better Vanilla Blocks Mod: Here

Spider Mod

This mod gives you the ability to spawn a large spider with high health and leaves sandwiches, and spawn a wave of regular spiders, just a few bugs to iron out, use command

/spawn spiderboss # (replace # with a number between 1-10)

/spawn spider # (replace # with a number between 1-10)

Download the Spider Mod: Here

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