Slime Rancher Best Mods (2024)

Slime Rancher Best Mods

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Slime Rancher Best Mods – Multiplayer, Vaccables, Singularity, Gem Slimes, Shiny, Tarr Rancher, Pure Saber, Market Expansion and more

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Slime Rancher Best Mods – Multiplayer Mod

Play with friends, Slime Rancher Multiplayer is a mod for the Game Slime Rancher. It adds local and remote coop realtime multiplayer to the game, making it possible to play with friends and family!

Download the Multiplayer Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – SRML Mod

SRML (Slime Rancher Mod Loader) is a completely open source dual mod loader and modding framework for (you guessed it) Slime Rancher

Download the SRML Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – More Vaccables Mod

This mod lets you pick up gold, lucky, and quicksilver slimes, and stops them from fleeing! It also lets you pick up largos, and has over 364 custom made largo icons, with secret style support. Not only that, but you can store them in silos!

Download the More Vaccables Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – Singularity Slimes Mod

This mods adds two new slimes, the black hole slime, and the white hole slime. They’re fundamentally linked, in that you can’t have a black hole without a white hole, and vice versa. When something enters a black hole slime, if it isn’t destroyed, it comes out the white hole. Food that enters the black hole comes out of the white hole as a Singularity Plort

Download the Singularity Slimes Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – Market Expansion Mod

Adds a button right next to the plort market input. Press the button to look at modded plorts that cannot be shown on the market.

Download the Market Expansion Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – Gem Slimes Mod

  • Sapphire Slime: Sapphire slime’s spawn naturally in the Indigo Quarry and then you can upgrade them to emerald slime’s by mixing. Sapphire Slime + Lucky Slime = Emerald Slime.
  • Emerald Slime: Emerald slime’s are only obtainable by mixing a Sapphire Slime with a Lucky Slime, You can then obtain the next tier by mixing. Emerald Slime + Garnet Slime = Amethyst Slime.
  • Amethyst Slime: Amethyst slime’s are only obtainable my mixing a Emerald Slime and a Garnet Slime together, You can then obtain the next tier by mixing. Amethyst Slime + Gold Slime = Diamond Slime.
  • Diamond Slime: Diamond slime’s are the most valuable slimes out there you can ONLY obtain them through mixing a Sapphire + Lucky Then a Emerald + Garnet And then Amethyst + Gold = Diamond Slime. There plort’s can sell up to and even above 1000 Newbuck’s
  • Garnet Slime: These slime’s don’t drop there own custom plort because they have lived alongside Mosaic Slimes all there life they started to drop Mosaic Plorts. there only use at the moment is in progression to the diamond slime!

Download the Gem Slimes Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – More Largos Mod

A mod that adds various new largos, such as puddle largos, gold largos, and lucky largos

Download the More Largos Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – SRML Registry Fixes Mod

Fixes some issues with a couple of SRML’s registries. Until these bugs are fixed in SRML itself some mods may require this to work correctly

Download the SRML Registry Fixes Mod > Here

Slime Rancher Best Mods – Shiny Slimes Mod

This mod aims to add rare variants to the slimes of the game. When a slime spawns it has a chance to randomly spawn as a shiny, appearing a different colour and having an internal value that identifies it as a shiny. At the present moment shinies function identically to the gen 3-8 Pokemon games when compared to their original counterparts… they just look different. This however is intended to differ later on in development.

Download the Shiny Slimes Mod > Here

Tarr Rancher Mod

Have you ever wanted to ranch a tarr? Have you ever wanted to see what the elusive tarr plort might look like? Ever wanted to see a tarr slime that’s only 75% as large as a regular one? Am I asking too many questions? All of this and more in this mod!

Download the Tarr Rancher Mod > Here

Pure Saber Slimes Mod

Adds in the ability to vacuum saber slimes. As well as a way for them to spawn in the wilds!

Download the Pure Saber Slimes Mod > Here

Growable Ginger and Kookadoba Mod

Allows kookadoba and gilded ginger to be grown in a garden plot. Gilded ginger will grow with silver parsnips, similar to how odd onion grow with carrots.

Download the Growable Ginger and Kookadoba Mod > Here

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