She Will Punish Them Best Mods (2024)

She Will Punish Them Best Mods

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – BepInEx, Tattoos, Shared Experience, Cheat Menu, Megamorph, Free Pose, Auto Pickup, Hair, Eyes and more

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She Will Punish Them Best Mods – BepInEx Mod Manager Mod

Show BepInEx mods in the game’s mod manager, with the ability to enable/disable, check for updates, and visit the mod’s Nexus page for compatible mods.

By default the mod checks for updates when the game starts and shows an indicator circle on the Mod Manager button – yellow while it’s checking for updates, green if there aren’t any updates, and red if there are updates

Download BepInEx Mod Manager Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Configuration Manager Mod

Lets you change settings for BepInEx mods in real time in-game

To open the manager press the hotkey (default F1). Additional functionality vs. the original includes:

  • Color customization
  • Movable window
  • Reload settings from disk button
  • Reset all settings to default button
  • Text boxes for text settings
  • Text label customization
  • Close window using hotkey

Download Configuration Manager Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Custom Tattoos Mod

Enables Arm, Leg, Face, Body, and Womb tattoo UI elements and provides a framework for adding custom tattoos. As of now there are no vanilla tattoos of any type except for a single womb tattoo. You’ll need to either create your own custom tattoos or download a tattoo content pack.

Download Custom Tattoos Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Shared Experience Mod

The experience of killing monsters can be shared among teammates in proportion.

Modify the name of the setting parameter. There is no hot key to close the MOD. You can only modify the value of Enabled through the manager or configuration file. The shortcut key ctrl+S is to set KeepKillerExp. When it is turned on, the killer’s experience will not change, and teammates will also have some experience. When it is turned off, the killer’s experience will reduce the part of teammates’ gains.

Download Shared Experience Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Cheat Menu Mod

By default the key is set to F5, you can change this in the config file. The menu gives you access to the following commands:

  • Kill All
  • Add 5000 exp
  • Add exp to army
  • Self injury
  • Add 1,000,000 gold
  • Add 5,000 gold
  • Suicide
  • Add 5,000 crystals
  • Unlimited special attack
  • Win map
  • Get all clothes
  • Invincible all
  • Get all lingerie
  • Get all weapons
  • Slow time
  • Clear all locations

Download Cheat Menu Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Megamorph Mod

Allows individual scaling of each bone in the skeleton for bizarre results. Scale any body part to any size. This enables a maximum of character customization

Download Megamorph Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Enhanced Free Pose Mod

Adds several enhancements to the Free Pose interface: adding more than four characters, setting companion expressions, rotating characters around x and z axis, better horizontal and camera movement, no camera distance limit, and a fix pose saving and loading.

Download Enhanced Free Pose Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Auto Pickup Mod

Gold and crystals can be automatically put into the backpack, and it can also be automatically put into the backpack according to the rarity of the items. If the backpack is full, only gold and crystals will be picked up.

Download Auto Pickup Mod > Here

She Will Punish Them Best Mods – Resurrection Spell Mod

Lets you cast a spell to resurrect nearby companions. To cast the spell press the hotkey (default v). By default the spell costs 50 mana to cast, and restores 20% of the companion’s health per skill level. You can adjust these variables in the config file

Download Resurrection Spell Mod > Here

More Hair Colors Mod

This mod adds three sliders to the hair customization panel that let you fine tune your characters’ hair colour. To save a new hair preset, press the + button beside the sliders (that’s the save button). You can also overwrite an existing custom colour in the colour grid by holding down a modifier key (default left shift) and clicking on a custom hair colour preset icon

Download More Hair Colors Mod > Here

More Skill Points Mod

Gives you and your companions more skill and attribute points when leveling up and sets the max skill points per skill to 10 by default. By default the mod adds 1 extra attribute point and 2 extra skill points every level, meaning you’ll get a total of 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 2

Download More Skill Points Mod > Here

Custom Eyes Mod

Custom eyes texture (requires BepInEx )

Download Custom Eyes Mod > Here

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